Motivational Thoughts In Hindi Greed Deception Negativity One Has To Face Financial Crisis In Life Know Safalta Ki Kunji


Safalta Ki Kunji: The key to success says that one should stay away from bad habits. Bad habits are a hindrance to success. It is also said in the scriptures that the result of bad deed is also bad. Therefore, one should try to avoid all kinds of evil.

In Gita Upadesh Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that evil destroys even good qualities. Evil destroys a person’s talent. Due to which the person is deprived of respect. By adopting bad qualities, other people start making distance.

According to scholars, bad habits also give failure to a person. Such people never get respect in the society. Along with this, Lakshmi ji’s blessings are also not obtained by adopting wrong habits, due to which the person is surrounded by misery and financial troubles in life. Therefore, one should stay away from these habits-

betrayal- People who are always ready to cheat others for their own interests never get respect. When the truth of such people comes to know, then one has to be ashamed. The habit of cheating has been recognized as one of the worst habits. No one believes such people.


greed for money Money should not be greedy. Wealth should be earned through hard work and talent. Those who renounce the path of hard work and adopt immoral actions to get wealth, they never get the blessings of Lakshmi ji. Such people later face financial troubles. Lakshmi ji never gives her blessings to those who are greedy.

negativity- Negativity is the biggest obstacle to success. One should always stay away from negative energy and negative thoughts. A negative person can never think big. Success and respect in life comes to those who stay away from them.

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