Most athletes from Haryana in Olympics: 24% players from Haryana with 1.8% share of the country’s population, Punjab No. 2 with 13%; 66 players from North India


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New Delhi35 minutes agoAuthor Bhaskar Sports Desk

The names of 122 players from India have been announced to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. This will be India’s largest contingent in the Olympics so far. 117 players from the country participated in the Rio Olympics (2016). Of the 122 players from India, 30 are from Haryana. That is, 24%. The population of Haryana is 2.54 crore (as per 2011 census). That is, the state, which has only 1.87% share in the country’s population, will have about a quarter presence in the Indian party.

54% players from North India
If the Indian players going to participate in the Olympics are divided according to the zone, then the largest share is from North India. 66 players (54.10%) from North India are going to Tokyo. Of these, Punjab (16 players) has the largest share after Haryana. The Indian contingent consists of 27 players from South India (22.14%), 2 from Central India (1.64%), 10 from East India (8.2%), 8 from North East (6.55%) and 9 players from West India (7.37%). .

Number of players from Punjab and Tamil Nadu also in double figure
Apart from Haryana, there are only two other states from where the number of athletes going to the Olympics this time is more than 10. 16 players from Punjab and 12 from Tamil Nadu will represent India in Tokyo. There are 5 states/UTs from where 5 to 8 players are involved. These include Uttar Pradesh (8), Delhi (5), Kerala (8), Manipur (5) and Maharashtra (6).


All 7 players from Haryana in wrestling
Haryana is dominated by combat sports like wrestling and boxing. In wrestling, all 7 players (4 female, 3 male) are from Haryana. In boxing, 4 out of 9 boxers are from Haryana. 5 out of 15 shooters in shooting are from Haryana. Apart from these, 4 (out of 26 players) in athletics from Haryana, 10 in hockey (out of 34 players including men and women) are from this state.

11 out of 16 players of Punjab in hockey
Most of the players from Punjab are in the hockey team. A total of 11 players from Punjab are included in the men’s and women’s team. Of the other five players in the state, 3 are in athletics and 1-1 in shooting and boxing. Tamil Nadu, the third state with more than 10 players, includes 5 players in athletics, 4 in sailing, 2 in table tennis and 1 in fencing.

Not a single player from 7 states
There are seven states in India from where not a single player is part of the Indian Olympic contingent. Bihar is the largest state with a population of 10 crores. Apart from Bihar, no player from Chhattisgarh, Goa, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura is also going to participate in the Olympics.

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