Major accident in Maharashtra: 6 people of the same family died due to generator smoke in Chandrapur, two women among the dead; a serious


Mumbai15 hours ago

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All the seven people had fainted as the house was filled with smoke. In the early hours of Tuesday, neighbors informed the police after seeing smoke coming out.

Six members of a family died due to suffocation from generator fumes in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. One is in critical condition. Two women and four men were among those who lost their lives. All the bodies were recovered on Tuesday morning. The police have sent them for postmortem.

The generator was turned on after the light went off
Police said the diesel generator was turned on after the power went out in the night. It is believed that due to a technical fault, the smoke from the generator spread in the room itself. Being sleepy, not everyone could get out.

Neighbors informed the police
On Tuesday morning, neighbors broke open the door after seeing smoke coming out of the house and informed the police. After this all were taken to the hospital, where the doctor declared 6 dead. The deceased have been identified as Ajay Lashkar (21), Ramesh Lashkar (45), Lakhan Lashkar (10), Krishna Lashkar (8), Pooja Lashkar (14) and Madhuri Lashkar (20).

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