Lungs have not become weak, learn these special three ways in minutes sitting at home


New Delhi: Every person gets sick for some reason or the other in his life. Sometimes it becomes a victim of small common diseases and sometimes fatal diseases. To keep the human body healthy, it is necessary to bring many important things into our lifestyle.


In such a situation it becomes important to know whether your lungs are healthy or not. Today we will tell you how you can know how healthy your lungs are.

1- First of all you have to pay attention to your breath. If you feel breathless while climbing stairs, walking briskly or doing household chores, then you understand that your lungs have become weak. You should contact a doctor immediately.

2- Many times we cough due to change in weather but if your cough is continuously for more than 8 weeks then you should get yourself checked by doctor immediately.

3- If you have chest pain while coughing or sneezing or feel slight pain while breathing, then these symptoms are directly indicating that you should seek your treatment immediately. Before this your lungs become more weak and you are vulnerable to some disease.

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