Lack of hallmark centers became a big problem, hallmarking used to happen in a day, now it is taking 2 to 4 days | Lack of hallmark centers became a big problem, hallmarking used to happen in a day, now it is taking 2 to 4 days


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  • Lack Of Hallmark Centers Became A Big Problem, Hallmarking Used To Happen In A Day, Now It Is Taking 2 To 4 Days

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It has been a month since the system of mandatory hallmarking on gold jewelery and artefacts came into force in 256 districts of the country, but till now this system has not been made smooth. Hallmarking centers are less than required in most cities. Earlier hallmaking used to take a day, but now it is taking three to four days. Not only this, the jewelers are also in confusion due to the new rules coming in the day.

There are 23 hallmarking centers in Gujarat, while 75-80 centers are needed. It is taking 2-3 days to hallmark the jewelers here. Similarly, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, known as the Golden City, has more than 250 jewelers, which require at least 6 centres, but only 3 centres. A center is able to hallmark only 300-400 items in a day. According to Kailash Mittal, chairman of the Jaipur Bullion Traders Committee, the government has implemented Hallmark Unit Identification (HUID) numbers for every jewelery item. There is confusion about this. There are many other inconsistencies as well.


What does BIS have to say
Those with a turnover of up to Rs 40 lakh are exempted from hallmarking registration, but the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) says that such jewelers will have to register if they sell hallmarked jewellery. Similarly, the government has given time till August 31 to remove the old stock, while according to the new order of BIS, jewelers will have to declare it by July 31.

corporate support rule
Navneet Aggarwal, secretary of Bhopal Sarafa Federation, says that the centers are directed to hallmark at least 40 items only when they arrive, while jewelers make jewelry on order. It is going to support the corporate.

Need to increase centers soon
According to Ashish Jhaveri Ahmedabad Jewelers Association, if the number of hallmarking centers in Gujarat does not increase in the next 1-2 months, then the business of the state may be diverted to other states.

Problems faced in hallmarking

Small and medium jewelers will have to keep computer system, expert dedicated staff, its cost will increase. The system of sending jewelery for hallmark has become online. Small and medium jewelers are not skilled in this. Due to the large number of small jewelery items, hallmarking centers are finding it difficult to keep their details.

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