Know how to forecast lightning: 2-3 hours in advance can be alerted where lightning will fall


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  • There Is No Technology In The World To Predict Where And At What Time Celestial Lightning Will Fall; By Forecasting 2 3 Hours In Advance Can Be Warned That There Will Be Lightning In This Area; It’s Hard To Say Whether It Will Fall Or Not

Jaipur14 hours agoAuthor: Dinesh Paliwal

Recently, more than 30 people died in Rajasthan itself due to lightning. The most horrific accident happened on the hill in front of Amer Fort in Jaipur, where 11 people died due to lightning twice. Often the question arises among people that every time in the rainy season, people die due to lightning. Can it be detected when and where lightning can strike? So that if we come to know in advance, then the loss of life can be avoided. To answer this question of the people, Bhaskar reached the Jaipur Meteorological Department office and talked to the meteorologists present there.

Jaipur Meteorological Department director Radheshyam Sharma said that till now no such technology has been made in the world, which can accurately predict when and at which particular place the lightning will fall. Yes, 2 to 3 hours before it can definitely be forecast that there is a strong possibility of lightning in this area. However, it is not possible to say which building or colony or road will be struck by lightning.

By identifying a large area, a prediction can be made that thunderstorm clouds are forming in this area, due to which there is a possibility of lightning. Whether or not lightning will fall from those clouds cannot be predicted accurately.

This is how data analysis happens

  • The forecast of lightning is issued 2-3 hours in advance by the Meteorological Department. For this, the scientists present here use the data from the ground base sensor.
  • Analyzes the data of humidity, wind direction, speed and temperature present in the atmosphere from the equipment on the ground.
  • Similar data is taken from the upper atmosphere and after analyzing both these data, it is superimposed by merging them on the satellite image. This gives better information and predictions.

The humidity, wind direction, speed and temperature in the atmosphere are analyzed by the employees of the department.

Unified model for next 5 days prediction

The Meteorological Department often predicts the next 4-5 days where it can rain? How can the temperature be? What can be the condition of the air. The Meteorological Department uses the Unified Model for this prediction. In this model data is taken at regional and global scale. This data is taken all over the world at the same time. This data is taken every three hours and a synoptic chart is generated from that data. This chart mainly contains data on wind direction, speed, pressure, humidity and temperature.


These data charts created at different times are analyzed on four layers and separate reports are prepared. These four reports are placed in front of the panel of senior scientists in the Meteorological Department and after the discussion there, the final report prepared is released in the form of a forecast.

Advance technology radar is installed in Jaipur

The Jaipur Meteorological Station has a radar of advanced technology, which is called Doppler Radar. It is being told that after Delhi, this type of radar is only in Jaipur in the whole of India. Through this radar, the clouds have been installed to keep an eye on them. It covers an area of ​​300 km. Apart from the cloud conditions, accurate information is also available about rain and thunderstorms.

This is an advanced radar of C-band category, which works on dual pole technology, that is, the range emanating from this radar goes horizontal as well as vertical. Apart from the height of the clouds from the ground, it also gives data on the width and thickness of the clouds. For monitoring the weather with this radar, 24-hour staff are employed, who keep an eye on the data received from it.

Estimates are made by entering all the data in the computer of the Meteorological Department.

Estimates are made by entering all the data in the computer of the Meteorological Department.

Public notice of alert after Amer accident
Earlier, no information was made public about which area of ​​the state is likely to be struck by lightning. On July 11, 11 people were killed when lightning struck the watch tower in front of Amer Fort in Jaipur. After this painful incident, the state government decided to make all weather related information public so that the general public can know where there is a possibility of lightning, where there may be heavy rain and where there may be strong thunderstorms.

Updates every information on WhatsApp group and social media
Scientist Himanshu Sharma in Jaipur Meteorological Department said that our team monitors the system 24 hours a day. After monitoring every small activity, its forecast is made and it is updated every moment on social media like Twitter, Facebook and the site of the Meteorological Department. The official account of the Meteorological Department Jaipur runs on social media.

Apart from this, there are many WhatsApp groups of Agriculture Department, Irrigation Department, Water Resources Department, which are made district wise, we also regularly put all the forecast information on them. So that apart from the common people, the farmers should also know that what is the rain or weather condition in their area today.

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