Karka Sankranti 2021: When will Karka Sankranti 2021? All the work will be done for these zodiac signs for 1 month, there will be great profit


Kark Sankranti 2021: Kark Sankranti is an astronomical event. This event occurs when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. According to astrological calculations, in the year 2021, the Sun will enter Cancer on 16 July and will remain there for a month i.e. till 16 August. The entry of the Sun into Cancer and its stay there for a month means that Karka Sankranti will have an auspicious effect on some zodiac signs. Let’s know about these zodiac signs:-

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  1. Taurus Zodiac:- Sun will be in the third house of Cancer at the time of Cancer Sankranti. During this time, the people of this zodiac will get success in all the tasks. Will do all the work at the workplace with full honesty and responsibility. You will get a lot of benefit from this. This time is also good for the students of this zodiac. Along with studies, there will be success in sports.
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  3. Gemini:- The transit of Sun in Cancer is very important for the people of Gemini. will prove to be good. During this time you will get profit from investment. Brother and sister will also benefit. There is a strong sum of money and profit. You should avoid any kind of argument. There will be profit.
  4. Virgo Zodiac:- Sankranti is going to bring good benefits for Virgo people tomorrow. You will not be short of money due to their effect. There will be more cooperation from higher officials. Relations will be cordial. Respect will increase in the society.
  5. Libra Zodiac:- Sun’s transit will be in your tenth house. This will bring happiness and progress in your life. People or students of this zodiac who are preparing for government jobs or are looking for jobs. This time is auspicious for them and the chances of promotion can also be made for the people who are doing jobs.
  6. Piscesthose students of Pisces sign This time is very auspicious for those who are preparing. The people of this zodiac should avoid arguments. They may face financial problems. Spouse may have estrangement.
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