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Kanwar Yatra 2021: The month of Sawan is the most beloved month of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva is very pleased by worshiping Mahadev in this month. People take out Kanwar Yatra to please Lord Mahadev. In Kanvad, they perform Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva by taking Ganges water. It is a religious belief that by doing this Lord Shiva fulfills all the wishes of the devotees. The month of Sawan is going to start from 25th July. But this time there is doubt on the journey of Kanwar.

The Government of Uttarakhand and Odisha has postponed the Kanwar Yatra here. But Uttar Pradesh has approved Kanwar Yatra under certain conditions. But the Supreme Court has ordered the Uttar Pradesh government to reconsider its decision. It seems that this time the Kanwar Yatra will be postponed. In such a situation, Shiva devotees should worship Lord Shiva only by following the guidelines of the government, so that their own life as well as other people’s lives are safe.


It is known that Kavand Yatra has been going on for hundreds of years in Hinduism, especially in North India. Many mythological stories and legends are famous about the origin of Kanwar Yatra and Mahatma. Let us know about the rules and importance of Kanwar Yatra.

kanwar Travel of Rule And Importance

It is believed that the first Kanwar Yatra was started by Parashuram and to please Puramahadev, he performed Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva by taking Ganga water from Garhmukteshwar. In the steep Kanwar Yatra, Shiva devotees walk on foot carrying a kanwar on their shoulder. Neither do they keep this kanwar on the ground nor do they hang it anywhere. At night or during rest, this kanwar is either caught by another person or kept on a stand.

Apart from the Khadi Kanwar Yatra, people also take out the tableau Kanwar Yatra or Dak Kanwar Yatra.


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