Kalashtami 2021: Worshiping Ashta Bhairav ​​on Kalashtami will give the fruit of infinite power


Kalashtami 2021 : There are 52 Bhairavs mentioned in Srilinga Purana, but on Kalashtami mainly Kaal Bhairav-Batuk Bhairav ​​is worshipped, but mainly eight Bhairava. Bhairav, Krodha Bhairav, Manmatt Bhairav, Kapali Bhairav, Bhishana Bhairav ​​and Sanhar Bhairav ​​are considered. They are also described in Tantra Shastra. Seven Bhairavs are recorded in Saptvinshati Rahasya, while ten brave Bhairvas are also mentioned in this book. In this three Batuk-Bhairavas are mentioned, in Rudrayamal Tantra there are names of 64 Bhairavs. According to Hindu belief, the Ashtami date of Krishna Paksha that comes every month in the Hindu calendar is monthly Kalashtami. This Ashtami is dedicated to Bhairavji, hence it is called Kala Ashtami. This date is considered to be the time to get immense power from Bhairavji, on which fast worship has special significance.

Mythology related to Kalashtami 
According to the legend, once Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshji fought for superiority. When the debate escalated, all the gods were called and a meeting was held. Most asked who is the best? Everyone expressed their views and an answer was found, but it was supported by Bholenath and Vishnu, but Brahmaji was adamant. It is believed that he said some harsh words to Shiva. Enraged by this, Shiva considered it an insult. She gave birth to Bhairav ​​with her anger, the vehicle of this Bhairav ​​avatar became a black dog. This incarnation was also called ‘Mahakaleshwar’, and also called Dandadhipati. Seeing this form of Shiva, everyone got scared. Here Bhairav ​​cut off one of the 5 faces of Brahmaji, since then Brahmaji has four faces. After cutting off the head of Brahmaji, the sin of killing Brahma came upon Bhairavji. When Brahmaji apologized to Bhairav ​​Baba, Shivaji came in his original form. Bhairavji was punished for his sins and had to live as a beggar. Years later, his punishment ended in Varanasi, from where Bhairav ​​also got a name ‘Dandapani’.



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