Jupiter In Aquarius Guru Rahu Conjunction Make Guru Chandal Yoga Gives Problems Job Business And Money


Jupiter and Rahu Conjunction: Jupiter is transiting in Aquarius. According to the Panchang, Jupiter is in retrograde state at present. Jupiter will move from retrograde on 18 October 2021. Jupiter has the status of an auspicious planet in astrology.

According to astrology, when Jupiter is with Moon, it creates very auspicious yoga. This yoga is known as Gajakesari Yoga. At the same time, when they make conjunction with Rahu, they form a very inauspicious yoga, which is called Guru Chandal Yoga.

Guru Chandal Yoga
Just as the auspicious yogas present in the birth chart provide auspicious results in life, in the same way, inauspicious yogas provide distress, obstruction, trouble and loss in life. According to astrology, when Guru Chandal Yoga is formed in one’s birth chart, there is a decrease in the happiness of the person. Difficulties have to be faced in the matter of education, job, business and relationships. Due to this yoga, a state of mental stress is also created.


Guru Chandal Yoga Remedy
In astrology, remedies for protection from Guru Chandal Yoga have also been told. By adopting these measures, this inauspicious yoga can be avoided. To reduce the effect of Guru Chandal Yoga, the blessings of the gurus should be obtained. They should be respected. Along with this, respect should also be given to elder brother, boss, person holding high positions. Worshiping Lord Vishnu on Thursday also removes the effect of Guru Chandal Yoga. The mantras of Rahu should be chanted –

Om Bhram Bhram Bhron Sah Rahave Namah

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