Jagannath Puri Ratha Yatra 2021 Know Details Of All Ratha Name, Color And Importance


Jagannath Puri Ratha Yatra 2021: According to the Hindi calendar, the Rath Yatra of Jagannath Puri is started every year on the second day of Shukla Paksha of Ashadh month. This time this date is 12th July i.e. today. Today Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra will start from 3 pm onwards. Although all the programs before this are being done smoothly. The four Dhams have a very important place in Hinduism. One of these four chamas is Jagannath Dham. In the temple of Jagannath Puri, there is an idol of Lord Vishnu and an idol of elder brother Balabhadra/Balram and sister Subhadra beside it.

The world famous Jagannath Rath Yatra includes the chariots of Lord Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra ji, which are visited by devotees from all corners of the country. But due to Corona epidemic, this time devotees are not allowed to participate in this Rath Yatra to be held in Puri. The characteristics, color form and name of the chariots of the three deities involved in this yatra are different. Know here the names and colors of the chariots involved in the yatra.


Nandi Ghosh Chariot

Nandighosh is the name of the chariot of Lord Jagannath i.e. Lord Krishna. Religious belief is that this chariot was gifted by Lord Indra to Lord Krishna. This chariot is golden yellow in color. This chariot of Lord Krishna is also known as Kapi Dhwaja. Lord Krishna is also called Pitambar among the devotees of Hinduism.

flag Chariot

The name of the chariot of Lord Balabhadra i.e. Balarama is Taladhwaja. The color of his chariot is green and blue. Lord Balabhadra is also known as Nilambar. It is known that Lord Balabhadra is the brother of Jagannath and he destroys his enemies with a plow. They are also called Haldhari.

deciduous Chariot

Subhadra is the sister of Lord Jagannath and Balabhadra, the name of their chariot is Devlan. It is also called Darpa Dalan. The color of Subhadra’s chariot is red. Whose protection and Lord Krishna’s chakra is seen by Sudarshan.


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