Jagadguru’s mantra in Chitrakoot Manthan: Rambhadracharya suggested 7 issues to the Sangh, religious conversion and population laws were made, said- Modi will also accept them


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Chitrakoot44 minutes agoAuthor: Sandhya Dwivedi

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Today is the last day of Manthan in Chitrakoot. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is busy drawing a blueprint for that master plan, on the basis of which the BJP and the central government have to move forward. After this brainstorming, the government can also take some big decisions. Jagadguru Rambhadracharya’s suggestions can also affect these decisions.

In fact, on July 7, two days before this churning, which lasted from July 9 to 13, Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat arrived to seek the blessings of Rambhadracharya. Jagadguru gave 7 issues to the Sangh chief as Gurumantra. These also include laws on prohibition of religious conversion and control of population. He also said that the Sangh may or may not accept these issues, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi will accept them. Know, which 7 issues Rambhadracharya asked the Sangh chief to consider in Gurumantra …

1. Jammu and Kashmir
The process of delimitation is going on in Jammu and Kashmir. Meetings are going on for the conduct of elections in the state. Jagadguru said that the entire Kashmir should be included in the map of India, not half-completed Kashmir.

2. Conversion
Action on religious conversion is going on in Uttar Pradesh. On this issue, Rambhadracharya said that the Center should make strict laws and this work should be done at the earliest.

3. Population Control
Jagadguru said that the population of Muslims in the country is increasing very fast and the number of Hindus is decreasing in that proportion. In view of this, a law regarding population control should be made as soon as possible.

4. Cow protection
Rambhadracharya is also concerned about the protection of the cow which has religious significance among Hindus. He also suggested to Bhagwat the issue of total prohibition of cow slaughter.

5. Uniform Civil Code

He said that there should be a law within the country, irrespective of the religion of the citizen. He said Uniform Civil Code needs to be implemented immediately.

6. Hindi is the national language
Rambhadracharya told Mohan Bhagwat that Hindi should be made the national language. This issue should be discussed during the brainstorming.

7. Ramayana
Jagadguru said that Ramayana should be made a national scripture. The union officials gathered during the brainstorming should take a stand regarding this and the government should take immediate steps on it.

Jagadguru said – Bhagwat’s statement of DNA was wrong

Bhagwat’s meeting with Rambhadracharya lasted for about one and a half hours. After this, he said that the DNA statement of the Sangh chief is not favorable. What Bhagwat said will be right in his view, what I said is right in my view. I stand by my statement.


In fact, in the meeting of the Muslim Forum in Ghaziabad recently, Bhagwat had said, ‘If a Hindu says that a Muslim cannot live here, he is not a Hindu. Cow is a sacred animal, but those who are killing others in its name are against Hindutva. In such cases the law should take its own course. The DNA of all Indians is the same, irrespective of religion.

Jagadguru is confident that Modi will accept the issue
Will Rambhadracharya’s issues be at the center of debate in the Sangh meeting? To this question, Jagadguru said, ‘The Sangh chief has spoken of contemplating. Now there is discussion or not, but one thing is for sure that if I say anything to Modi, he will not avoid my talk. When he said this, he had an unshakeable confidence on his face.

3 reasons why Jagadguru is confident
1. In 2019, a picture of the Prime Minister’s oath ceremony was continuously being shown on TV. In this picture, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, dressed in ocher clothes, was holding the hand of a religious guru and taking him to sit. It was Sant Rambhadracharya of Chitrakoot who predicted Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister in April 2018.

2. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Chitrakoot in 2020, despite the busy schedule, he had taken out time to meet Jagadguru Rambhadracharya. He had also blessed Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister for the third time. Jagadguru is the founder and head of Tulsi Peeth, a religious and social organization located in Chitrakoot. Swami Rambhadracharya is also the leader of Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

3. Rambhadracharya was also included in the 9 gems of PM as a campaigner in the country’s ambitious program cleanliness campaign.

Has the right to speak on Ramcharitmanas all over the world
When Rambhadracharya was two months old, he lost his eyesight. Bhadracharya has done a deep study of Ramcharitmanas. He was also awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 2015. Rambhadracharya is one of the 4 Jagadguru Ramanandacharyas of the Ramanand sect at present. Not only in India, but he has the right to speak about the Ramcharit Manas, composed by Tulsidas, all over the world. Rambhadracharya Ram was also involved in the Allahabad High Court as an expert in the Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid dispute.

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