International Criminal Justice Day today: India searches for 315 people including Hafiz, including 72 economic offenders; 7693 Wanted on Interpol’s radar


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  • India Is Looking For 315 People Including Hafiz, Including 72 Economic Offenders; 7693 Wanted On Interpol’s Radar

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India is looking for 315 people who have fled the country after committing crimes.

If a person commits a crime in India and flees to another country, how will you catch him? Because that is not the jurisdiction of the Indian Police. For this the International Police i.e. Interpol will be needed. As well as extradition. The country is looking for 315 people who have fled after committing crimes. Today on International Criminal Justice Day, know what the International Court of Justice is doing and the status of crime in the world…


These are India’s most wanted

  • Right now we have 150 applications pending for extradition in different countries.

extradition treaty
India with 47+11 countries, US 123 and UK with 114 countries

  • We do not have extradition treaty with Pakistan, Myanmar, China.

These cases remained in the headlines in ICJ

Jadhav case: Indian Kulbhushan Jadhav was sentenced to death by a military court in Pakistan after being convicted on the alleged charges. Against this, India went to the ICJ. He said to reconsider and provide consular access.

  • Swiss court convicted former Liberian rebel leader of war crimes.

Source: ICJ, Indian Ministry of External Affairs, Interpol, ORF.

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