IMA’s warning on Corona: Medical Association said – third wave is near; Tourism and religious tours can be stopped for a few more months


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New Delhi6 hours ago

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has given a warning on Corona. The IMA said that the third wave is near and in such a situation tourism and religious tours can wait for a few more months. This warning has come when many parts of the country have been unlocked and crowds of people have started gathering in tourist spots.

Even in the current situation, the way people are expressing happiness in the country, IMA has also expressed deep sorrow on this matter. The IMA said in a warning tone that India has just come out of the dreaded second wave and the efforts of the health department are behind it.

It is sad that crowds are gathering everywhere in the country – IMA
The IMA has issued a press release on Monday in view of the crowd at the place. IMA said that if we look at all the epidemics that have come in history, then it is clear that the third wave cannot be avoided. This is very close. It is very sad to see that both the people and the government are careless in many parts of the country. Everyone is busy gathering the crowd without following the Kovid protocol.

Tourists are thronging Kempty Falls in Mussoorie. The Health Ministry had expressed concern over this.

In such a situation, tourism bonanza, religious trips and its enthusiasm, all these are very important, but they can wait for few more months. It is dangerous to open all these and let people go to these places without vaccination. These can become superspreaders for the third wave of corona. The economic loss caused by the treatment of a corona patient is far better than the economic loss caused by such gatherings.


Vaccination may reduce the effect of third wave
If we look at the experience of the last one and a half years, the effect of the third wave can be significantly reduced through vaccination. Along with this, corona protocol will have to be followed. IMA President Dr. Johnrose Austin Jayalal said that at this critical point, we should not take any risk for the next two-three months. Let all the states take the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the ground and fight together against Corona.

Even in Delhi's Sadar Bazar, people are forgetting the Kovid guidelines and going out for shopping.

Even in Delhi’s Sadar Bazar, people are forgetting the Kovid guidelines and going out for shopping.

The government had said that if you are negligent then all the exemptions will be withdrawn
The government had also expressed concern in view of the arbitrariness in the unlock. Joint Secretary Luv Aggarwal had said that the second wave of corona is present in a limited range, but still exists. Referring to the huge crowd at hill stations, he said that doing so can reduce the gains so far. If the protocol is not followed then we can end the relaxation of restrictions again.

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