Imagination after 69 Years: The story of Tiger Shroff’s ‘Ganpat’ is set in the immediate aftermath of the devastation like the Future World War of 2090


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  • The first schedule is for two and a half months in London, then the story travels in Singapore and African countries too
  • After 69 years, Mumbai and the rest of the world have imagination, a film of heavy VFX-action genre

Tiger Shroff was shooting ‘Heropanti 2’ till recently. Now he is getting ready for ‘Ganpat’. The director of the film Vikas Bahl is going to London very soon. There will be the first schedule of the film. Sources associated with the film and close to Vikas Bahl have confirmed this.

He said, ‘Vikas Bahl was doing ‘Goodbye’ till recently. Due to Kovid and lockdown, his shooting got delayed. By then Amitabh Bachchan’s dates were completed for that film. Simultaneously it rained in Mumbai. In such a situation, ‘Goodboy’ went on hold for the time being. She will be resumed after the rain.

The story of Ganpat is set in the future
Meanwhile, Vikas Bahl will complete the first schedule of ‘Ganpat’ in London for two-and-a-half months. Close friends of Vikas Bahl said – This film will be shot in many countries of the world. After London, it will travel to Singapore and then to Japan. It will have a good chunk shoot in Mumbai too. It is originally set in the Future. 69 years from today i.e. what will be the Mumbai of the year 2090? What issues India will be dealing with or what will be the socio-political situation of the world, that has all been incorporated in the plot.

Tremendous action of the third world war
Sources related to the film also gave information about Tiger’s character. According to him – the hero is an orphan, whom a fight master raises by posing. Heroine Kriti Sanon also has a lot of action in the film. There are around 50 supporting cast along with both the main lead characters. There is no one person villain in the film. 69 years ahead, the situation has made life difficult for everyone. Attacks happen anytime anywhere in any country. All the characters are getting killed in the struggle to escape from him.


The story is set in that period of the future, where people have recovered from a situation like the third or fourth world war just a few days ago. The war is over, but there is a feeling of mutual distrust among the people. In such a situation, the situation and tension of an undeclared war always remains. All characters have to keep weapons close by to save their lives and that of the world.

The budget is more than 200 crores
The makers have kept the mystery in the story. The characters are placed in a world where something like a world war has happened. The scene of devastation is all around. They are compelled to live in such condition. That war is not shown though. The film has been mounted on a large scale. The work on its pre-production is going on for a year. The reason for keeping its title ‘Ganpat’. It’s not Tiger’s name. He is named something else. It is produced by Vashu Bhagnani. Sources say that the budget is going to be more than 200 crores.

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