How To Worship Shiva And Parvati Properly On Hariyali Teej


Hariyali Teez : Hariyali Teej festival is celebrated every year on the third day of Shukla Paksha of Shravan month. This time it is falling on Wednesday, August 11, which is considered very auspicious in terms of husband and family. On this day, married women keep Nirajal fast for the whole day for the long life and good health of their husbands. Hariyali Teej festival is considered more difficult than the fasting of Karva Chauth. It is believed that on this day worship and fasting of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati with true heart gives blessings of unbroken good fortune and brings happiness, peace and prosperity in the house.

Hariyali Teej worship material
Belpatra, Banana leaf, Datura, Aak leaf, Tulsi, Shami leaf, Black wet soil, Janeu, thread and new cloth.

Parvati’s makeup material
Bangles, Mahavar, Khol, Sindoor, Nettle, Mehndi, Suhagchuda, Kumkum, Comb and Honey make up items. Apart from this, coconut, urn, abir, sandalwood, oil-ghee, camphor, curd, sugar, honey, milk, panchamrit are also necessary.

way of worship
On Teej, women worship all night after fasting from morning till night.
– Bholenath of sand, idol of Mother Parvati is worshiped with a true heart.
At the outpost, a Shiva family is made including the Shivling by mixing Ganga water in the soil.
For worship, idols of Riddhi-Siddhi, Ganesha, Parvati and Saheli are made from clay.
While making the idol, the married women who are fasting have to keep remembering God.
– After worshiping in the auspicious time in the evening, fasting women worship all night.
After worshiping every prahar, perform aarti by offering bilva leaves, mango leaves, champak leaves, kewra.


auspicious time of worship
Fasting date: Wednesday 11th August
Rahukaal: Wednesday afternoon from 12:00 to 1:30.
Date Time: Tritiya of Shravan Shukla Paksha will end at 06.11 pm on Tuesday, 10 August 2021, 11 August 2021, Wednesday at 04.56 pm.
Amrit Kaal: 01:52 am to 03:26 am
Brahma Muhurta: From 04:29 am
Vijay Muhurta: 2.0 PM to 03.07
Dusk : 5 pm to 06.47 pm
Nishita Kaal: 12th August till 12:25 am
Ravi Yoga: August 12 from 09:32 am to 05:30

Worship Mantra: During the worship of Mother Parvati
Om Umayai Namah, Om Parvatyai Namah, Om Jagaddhatrayai Namah, Om Jagatpratishthayai Namah, Om Shantirupinayai Namah, Om Shivayai Namah.

At the time of worship of Shiva
Om Haraya Namah, Om Maheshwaraya Namah, Om Shambhwe Namah, Om Shoolpanaye Namah, Om Pinakavrushe Namah,
Om Shivaay Namah, Om Pashupataye Namah, Om Mahadevaya Namah:

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