History Of Guru Purnima In Different Religions


Guru Purnima 2021: There are many views in every sect of celebrating Guru Purnima. Second, it is related to yoga practice and yoga vidya. According to this, on Guru Purnima, Shiva became Adiguru i.e. the first Guru of the earth. About 15,000 years ago, a yogi emerged in the Himalayas. Nobody knew anything about them. But this yogi was none other than Lord Shiva himself. The simple-looking yogi had a sharp and extraordinary personality.

There was no sign of life by seeing them. But sometimes tears of ecstasy used to shed from his eyes. People did not understand for some reason. Exhausted, he slowly started going, but seven determined men stayed. When Shiva opened his eyes, those seven people wanted to know. What had happened to him and he himself wanted to experience ecstasy, but Shiva, ignoring his words, said that he is not yet ripe for this experience.

He told those seven people the methods of meditation and then became engrossed in meditation. In this way many days and years passed, but Shiva did not pay attention to those seven. After 84 years of spiritual practice, at the time of Dakshinayan in the summer solstice, Yogi Rupi Shiva saw them and found that now all those seven persons are ready to attain knowledge. In such a situation, there could not be any delay in imparting knowledge to them. On the next full moon day, Shiva accepted to be his guru. After this, Shiva turned towards the south and sat down and provided the science of yoga to these seven persons, these seven persons later became famous as Saptarishi. This is the reason why Lord Shiva is also called Adiyogi or Adiguru.


Buddhism :
After attaining enlightenment, when Buddha became Gautam Buddha from Siddhartha, he got five companions. Buddha gave the first sermon to these five at Sarnath on the day of Ashadha Purnima, also known as Dharmachakra Pravartan. This is the reason that this festival of Guru Purnima is also celebrated by the followers of Buddhism.

Jainism :
It is said in Jainism that the 24th Tirthankara Mahavir Swami made Indrabhuti Gautam of Gandhara the first disciple. For this reason he was also called Trinoka Guha. It means first Guru. Since then, Jains also call it Trinoka Guha Purnima.

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