Helpful stars: Savita Bajaj, who was struggling with financial crisis, got the help of Supriya Pilgaonkar, was hospitalized due to difficulty in breathing


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  • Savita Bajaj, Who Was Facing Financial Crisis, Got The Help Of Supriya Pilgaonkar, Was Admitted To The Hospital Due To Difficulty In Breathing

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Savita Bajaj, who has appeared in many Bollywood films and TV shows, is going through a financial crisis these days. The senior actress had become Kovid positive some time ago, in whose treatment her deposits have been exhausted. The actress was discharged after being admitted for 22 days, but she had to be admitted again due to difficulty in breathing. Due to lack of money for treatment, Savita has appealed for help, after which she has got the help of actress Supriya Pilgaovar.

Actress Nupur Alankar has confirmed during a conversation with Times of India that Supriya Pilgaonkar has come forward to help Savita Bajaj. Some time ago, Supriya’s husband Sachin had talked about Savita’s financial crisis, the very next day Supriya has extended a helping hand. During an interview, Sachin had advised young people that people should make savings for the rainy season so that the financial condition does not deteriorate.


Also got help from Actors Association

According to the news, Savita Bajaj has also got financial help from CINTAA (Cine and Television Artists Association). Some amount of the hospital bill of the actress is being paid by the association. Even before this, the actress has received 1 lakh rupees as help from Writers Associations and 50 thousand rupees from CINTA Cine and TV Artists Association for hospitalization in the year 2016.

Actress narrated her ordeal

Recently, while narrating her ordeal, Savita Bajaj told E-Times, I was having trouble breathing and I don’t know how I will manage it. I intend to return the money as soon as I get work, but due to ill health, I am not in working condition at the moment. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone to take care of me. 25 years ago I had decided that I would move to my hometown Delhi but no one in my family wanted to keep me. I have earned a lot and helped many needy people but now I need help.

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