Government’s response on the death toll from Corona: Media’s claim of showing less deaths due to epidemic is false, it is wrong to associate every death with Kovid


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  • Central Government Rejected Media Reports Number Of Deaths Corona In Country Was Underestimated

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The central government has dismissed media reports that said that the figures of deaths due to corona in the country were underestimated. A statement has come from the government on Thursday that all types of deaths have been linked to corona in media reports, in which there is no fact and it is completely false.

The Union Health Ministry said that India has a big strategy to detect infection. Apart from this, there are more than 2,700 labs in the country where anyone can get tested. Along with this, awareness campaigns about symptoms and medical care were also conducted to ensure that people can reach hospitals in time of need. Due to the strong and law-based death registration system in India, there is no scope for deaths to go undetected.

Counting of more deaths based on sero-positivity
The ministry said that media reports have alleged that the death toll in India during the pandemic could be in lakhs. Of these, the official deaths of Corona have been described as very low. But, the age-specific infection mortality rates of the US and European countries have been used to count more deaths based on sero-positivity in the country.

The study is based on a misconception
The study has been done on the misconception that the chances of dying of any infected person are the same across the country. A variety of direct and indirect factors such as race, ethnicity, genomic composition of the population and developed immunity to diseases have been ruled out.


Use of sero-prevalence study is not right
Sero-prevalence studies are not only used to guide strategies and measures to prevent the spread of infection in vulnerable populations, but deaths are also used as an additional basis. The study also worries that antibody titers may decrease over time, leading to an underestimate of true prevalence and a correspondingly high infection mortality rate.

All deaths attributed to Covid-19
Extreme mortality is a term used for all-cause mortality. It is completely misleading to attribute these deaths to Covid-19. The government said that it can be seen in the case of mortality which was 1.45 percent on 31 December 2020 and even after the unexpected increase in the number of infections in the second wave in April-May 2021, the death rate is 1.34 percent today.

Statement of Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya in Rajya Sabha
In the Rajya Sabha, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya dismissed the allegations of hiding the deaths from Corona. He said that the central government only collects and publishes the data sent by the state governments. The Union Health Ministry has been continuously advising the states and union territories to record the death toll as per the guidelines.

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