Get ready to take your next test ‘AI Teacher’: Accurately assess and grade, give detailed feedback on mistakes, Stanford University’s automated system detects even minor student mistakes


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  • Accurate Assessment And Grading, Detailed Feedback On Mistakes, Stanford University’s Automated System Catches Even Minor Student Mistakes

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This Stanford University system marks the new future of e-education, which can reach thousands of people so easily.

In March this year, more than 1,200 people from 148 countries registered for the Code in Place online program at Stanford University. The 23-year-old Philips Palm from Sweden was also involved in this course related to the fundamentals of computer programming. Four weeks later, Palm gave her first test, in which she wrote a program that contained a blue diamond wave in a black and white grid. After a few days they got the result.

It praised Pam’s work, but it was also said that she had made a small mistake. That is, they are hitting the wall while pulling the third wave. Palm was given this feedback not by a teacher but by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) program. Like Palm, thousands of students got similar feedback.

This Stanford University system marks the new future of e-education, which can reach thousands of people so easily. AI researcher Prof. Chelsea Finn says the system is working better than expected. The system gave 1600 feedbacks, of which 97.9% students agreed. Whereas in previous years there was 96.7% consensus on Human Instructor’s feedback. Experts say that in the era of epidemic, we have seen that technology has brought revolutionary changes in education. AI is making it more advanced.
Different approach for each student


Teachers cannot teach the same subject in 35 different ways in a class, but it is possible with AI. AI studies the behavior of each student. This information then personalizes the student’s learning experience.

Adaptive Learning: If the student is weak in a basic concept, then the AI ​​sends related videos and reading material repeatedly so that he can understand the concept well.
Automated Grading & Feedback: AI can help in grading of answer sheets so that students can get instant feedback. This will give teachers more time to do research.

AI helpful in identifying repeated mistakes by students

Monitoring this online program of Stanford, Prof. Chris Piech explains that this AI system is a way to reach the maximum number of students that human instructors cannot reach. It captures mistakes closely, explains their problems. Identifying specific coding mistakes and frequent mistakes can help instructors better understand which students need help. This technology was effective because its role was clearly defined.

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