Fear of Taliban starts as soon as America leaves: World’s eyes on Afghanistan, understand every aspect of this problem from interview of 2 experts


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The deployment of American troops in Afghanistan has become an election issue, which was compelled by Sadhana Biden.

America’s exit and Taliban’s rise to power… These are the two points that come to everyone’s mind when Afghanistan is named. But what are the reasons behind both these incidents, and what will be the effect of this whole event going forward? We tried to know the answers to these questions from global experts. Dainik Bhaskar’s Ritesh Shukla had a special conversation with US strategy and internal affairs expert of Afghanistan. Understand every aspect of this development with the answers of these experts.

Biden’s masterstroke is Afghanistan; Turkey, Taliban and Taiwan will decide the balance of power

Ian Bremer, founder of Eurasia Group, the world’s first global risk analysis company, believes domestic political pressure is the biggest reason behind America’s exit from Afghanistan. But the impact of this well-thought-out strategy is far-reaching. Bremer, who has written for publications such as the New York Times, says that this could prove to be a masterstroke by Joe Biden, which will directly affect China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan. Read, excerpts from Bremer’s exclusive conversation with Bhaskar…

I had heard of the economic slowdown, what is this geopolitical slowdown?
When citizens lose faith in leadership, responsible countries only look after their own interests, the world is believed to be in a geopolitical slump. Today we are in this recession and the future will depend on which side the global powers sit on Turkey, Taliban and Taiwan. America’s exit from Afghanistan and other countries’ stand on Taliban are proof of new equations.

What is America’s new strategy?
The deployment of American troops in Afghanistan has become an election issue, which was compelled by Sadhana Biden. From the point of view of strategy, the question was starting to arise in the American intelligence system that what was the benefit to America from the spending in Afghanistan. With the withdrawal of America, pressure on Russia will increase on the border from Afghanistan-Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Tazakistan. China’s Belt and Road project will not only be affected, terrorism and crime will increase in its Xinzhong state.

America’s old ally Pakistan, which was sitting on China’s lap, will now have to spend time and resources on its western border. The increase in the expenditure of Russia and Pakistan simply means increasing pressure on China. Biden believes that the challenge to America is coming only from China. So Biden wants to focus all his attention on East Asia i.e. Taiwan and South China Sea. With this one move, the security balance of China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan is getting disturbed. Biden’s move could prove to be a masterstroke.

What is so special about Taliban, Turkey and Taiwan?
Turkish President Erdogan this month started work on a 45-km-long and 275-metre-wide canal in Istanbul parallel to the Bosphorus Canal linking the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Apart from commercial ships, only the Russian Navy can pass through the Bosphorus Canal. NATO military ships will also be able to move through the new canal. It is believed that China is investing in this canal worth 50 thousand crores. New equations are emerging here in Europe, America, Turkey, Russia and China. The lines of these forces and other countries are also associated with the Taliban. Taiwan is China’s sore spot, where along with America, the interests of many countries including Japan, Australia are linked.

What effect can these equations have on India?
India is and will be a big market. But if India wants to become a big power, then it has to empower its people, army and technology manifold. In the coming times, the war will be in the field of cyber and artificial general intelligence. Apart from America and China, there is no third player in this. India will have to invest time, human resources and capital in this area. Only then will India sit on which side, its scale will become heavy.


America came out overnight, it was in its interest; But Afghanistan entered civil war

Faiz Jaland

Faiz Jaland

Faiz Jaland, Professor of the Public Administration Department of Kabul University and Executive Director of the Democracy, Peace and Development Organization, says that America thought it right to leave Afghanistan overnight after seeing its own interests. Now the situation is that the urban people of Afghanistan cannot tolerate the Taliban. Neighboring countries cannot take the risk of ISIL coming to power. In such a situation, this country has entered civil war. Read, excerpts from an exclusive conversation with Bhaskar…

Is Taliban’s claim of occupying 85% of Afghanistan true?
If we look from the point of view of the ground, then how will the figures be confirmed. From the public point of view, the urban area is still under the control of the government. It is true that Taliban is spreading rapidly in the country. The government is having trouble with the sudden departure of American troops. If the people are considered as the country, then the challenge before the Taliban is big. Because women and children are very afraid of the possibility of the Taliban’s Nizam. They can go to any extent to avoid the Taliban.

Government troops are about 3-4 times the number of Taliban fighters, yet why do they look so helpless?
Whatever agreement was reached between the US and the Taliban. But the truth is that America flew away in the dark of night unconditionally and without informing. Afghan soldiers are finding themselves alone. This was not good for their morale. The government has retired all professional military generals. Instead, new faces were brought in. The jawans were not happy with this change. The number of Taliban is between 60 and 85 thousand. But they are telling America’s departure as their victory. At the same time, more than three lakh Afghan soldiers are finding themselves directionless.

So are you trying to put the blame on America?
No. Blaming America will do no good. Joe Biden did what’s in America’s best interest. The reality is that we are in the middle of a civil war. Today neither side has faith in the other. The same person can be a Talibani in front of Taliban and anti-Taliban before the government. The general public is stuck in the middle. Whatever protection she gets, she will take it.

How did the neighboring countries agree to talk to the Taliban?
What feed do they have? The Taliban, as a matter of policy, do not want to interfere outside Afghanistan. Whereas ISIL wants to create Khorosan nation by breaking the parts of countries adjacent to Afghanistan. So neighboring countries feel that Taliban is a better option. Human rights are no one’s priority right now.

Taliban has said that China is its friend…?
After befriending the fighters of Afghanistan, the Soviet Union broke up and became Russia. America is on the verge of bankruptcy. China must also get a chance for friendship.

Will the Taliban be able to fight ISIL?
The question is whether the Taliban will be able to make money from opium-heroin even after forming the government. Will he be able to stop Isil from freezing in this business? 90% of the world’s opium is grown in Afghanistan. The Taliban has occupied the largest part of it and this is also its source of income. But for this business to flourish, it is necessary that this area remains disturbed. I don’t know whether the Taliban will be able to bring peace to the region once they come to power.

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