Family bonding: If you help siblings in trouble, it will be easier to connect with their children, understand them, if you support them, then your belongingness will increase.


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  • If You Help Brothers And Sisters In Trouble, Then It Will Be Easier To Connect With Their Children, Understand Them, If You Support Them, Then Your Belongingness Will Increase.

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Experts’ suggestion- By helping to learn new things, you can create a place in the mind of nephews and nieces.

Due to busyness, people are unable to give time to their close relatives. Most of the interactions are done over the phone. Or, on some occasion, the conversation can take place only to congratulate. In such a situation, closeness with the children of siblings is hardly possible. Due to less communication, they do not understand us and we also remain unaware of their likes and dislikes. Sometimes it is possible to meet three to four years after birth. Experts say that by adopting some methods, we can improve bonding with our relatives and their children in the family.

Four Ways That Can Bring You Closer To Family Members So That They Can Be Helpful In Trouble

1. Discuss their studies, friends and social life
Whether you are maternal uncle, aunt or aunt, you can start bonding better with the children of siblings anytime. Even if you live far away from them or abroad. You can ask siblings about the expectations of those children with you, says Joseph Tan, a clinical psychologist at UVA Health in Virginia.


Can talk about their favorite show, toys. If children are older, then they can discuss their education, their friends and social life. If they are struggling with any problem then they can help in recovering. So that they can be sure that someone is with them. Children can help with care if they are small. Helping their parents in trouble will motivate them to join you.

2. Make it a routine to spend time with them

Decide whether to read a story on Zoom with the kids once a week. Or call them home on annual holidays. You can send e-mails, letters to older children or give them a favorite gift.

3. Don’t let stress hinder relationships

If there is tension in relations with siblings, forget it and open a new path. Think of one of your uncles or aunts, how they helped you learn a car or supported you when you were in trouble.

4. Keep the Interest Genuine

Ask children questions that you are sincerely interested in knowing. According to experts, they have a great ability to show genuine interest when they grow up. So don’t try to fake it. This will make them connect with you from the heart and feel a sense of belonging in the conversation.

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