Experts Claim Failed: Predictions of the End of Big Cities in Pandemic Turned Out to be Wrong The notion of migration from big cities in America has been prevalent among the public for a long time.


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  • Predictions About The End Of Big Cities In The Pandemic Turned Out To Be Wrong; The Notion Of Migration From Big Cities In America Has Been Prevalent Among The Public For A Long Time.

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Experts had declared the end of big cities. After this people started migrating to suburban areas and small towns.

In the US, there were many predictions regarding urban life after the corona virus cases in the Seattle area and the devastation in New York City. Experts had declared the end of big cities. People migrated to suburban areas and smaller towns. But, now the hustle and bustle has intensified again in the big cities. Researchers have also rubbished these fears that the main reason for the spread of Kovid-19 is dense settlement.

It has long been said in America that diseases, dense settlement, corruption, economic crisis, technology, terrorism or virus epidemics will destroy cities. Anti-Cities are America’s religion, says sociologist Eric Kleinenberg at New York University. The perception rises when cities are in trouble. This theoretical idea has been going on since the time of President Thomas Jefferson. Ingrid Gold Allen, a professor of urban planning at New York University, says cities were not considered home to families.


With the arrival of the pandemic, the ideological hatred of cities came to the fore again. President Donald Trump and other conservative politicians were seen rejoicing at the signs of an urban crisis. David Schleicher, a professor at Yale LA School, says it was natural for anti-city sentiment to emerge amid the pandemic. By the way, no one in France said that Paris would end. In the pandemic, those who live in the cities were also predicting the end of the cities.

The model of development of cities will continue
The end of cities meant the end of cities for a certain class of white professionals. On the other hand, blacks did not leave the city amid the pandemic. People with low wages kept commuting to and from the city for work. It is true that in some cities the number of people has decreased. But, this trend is misleading. People from New York City have moved to smaller towns around the area. People from Los Angeles, Seattle moved to Austin but their movement remained in the larger cities. Professor Maiden of the London School of Economics wrote that the model of development of cities would remain with little manipulation.

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