Expensive gift: Nick made Priyanka Chopra’s birthday super special by sending a wine bottle worth 13 lakhs


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  • Nick Jonas Made Priyanka Chopra’s Birthday Super Special By Sending Over An Expensive Bottle Of Red Wine Worth More Then 13 Lakhs

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Priyanka Chopra may have received many expensive gifts on her birthday, but it is hard to beat the gift sent by her husband Nick Jonas. On her 39th birthday, Priyanka got an expensive bottle of red wine from her husband. A 1BHK house can be bought in India for the price of this bottle.

1982 Chateau Muten Rothshield Bottle Sent
Nick has sent a 1982 Chateau Mutten Rothshield bottle from America to Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka shared the photo of this gift on Instagram Story. The photo also shows a large wine glass on a table, decorated with white flowers, candles, and small toy wine bottles. Sharing the photo, Priyanka wrote, ‘Love you Nick.


That’s why Nick’s gift is valuable
This is a rare wine made in the North West of Bordeaux, France. The price of this wine, which is available in 10,000 to 13,000 British pounds, is about 10-13 lakh rupees in Indian currency. Not only this, the bottle of wine is usually found in auction and rarely in retail sale.

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