Exclusive contract with The New York Times: 40-40 minutes of brisk walking just three days a week improves memory of 60-plus people, more effective than workouts and dances


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  • 40 40 Minutes Brisk Walking Just Three Days A Week Also Improves The Memory Of Those Who Crossed 60, It Is More Effective Than Workout And Dance

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Being active, the white matter of the brain improved, the ability to think and understand improved.

Elders often complain that they do not remember anything. With age, the problem gets worse. This problem can be reduced to a great extent through brisk walking. If you do a brisk walk three days a week for 40-40 minutes, then the white matter present in the brain (connecting brain cells) starts getting refreshed and in a better state. Due to this, memory and thinking ability start improving even at the age of 60. This claim has been made in the latest research of the University of Colorado.

According to the study, brisk walk gives more benefits than dance and exercise. For the study, published in NeuroImage, Agnieszka Berzynska, a professor of neuroscience and human development at Colorado State University, and her team selected 250 elderly men and women who were not active.

The recent aerobic fitness and cognitive skills of all these elderly people aged 60 to 80 were tested in the lab. The health and functioning of white matter in their brains were also measured through MRI scans. They were divided into three groups. The first group was given stretching and balance training, the second a 40-minute brisk walk thrice a week, and the third group dance and group choreography.


This routine was followed for six months. The results were shocking. All three groups showed improvement in their mental and physical condition. The aerobic fitness of those who walked and danced also improved. Importantly, the white matter in his mind seemed new. The walkers showed the greatest improvement. They also outperformed the other groups on the memory test.

White matter decreases when sedentary, quality also decreases: Expert

Pro. Berzinska says, ‘The results tell about the dynamics of the mind. Brain tissue also changes itself according to the way we live (passive or active). Being more physically active causes white matter to regenerate, while being sedentary causes it to decrease in the brain and the quality also decreases. White matter is the tissue that connects nerve fibers to the brain and spinal cord. White matter is as important as the gray matter in the brain.

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