Ex-girlfriend spoke on relationship with Salman: Somi Ali said- It is healthy for me to stay away from Salman, I do not know how many girlfriends he must have become by now


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  • Somy Ali Hasn’t Spoken To Ex partner Salman Khan In Half a decade Don’t Know How Many Girlfriends He Has Since She Left In December 1999

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Actress Somi Ali has made many revelations about her relationship with Salman Khan. He told that his Bollywood debut was to be opposite Salman Khan, but the film went on hold due to some reasons. Somi Ali said that it is healthy for her to stay away from Salman Khan, it is not known how many girlfriends have come in her life till now. Significantly, Salman and Somi Ali were in a relationship for 8 years.

Somi’s debut film was boxed
In a unit interview, Somi Ali said, “The film in which I had to make my Bollywood debut was named Buland. We also went to Kathmandu for the shooting of this film. It was Salman’s Hum Production film, for which she was the lead actress. We were looking for a new face for the film. I was very new in the industry and very young too. Unfortunately the film got shelved as there were some issues with the producers as well. It was probably a sign for our relationship as well.’

Didn’t talk to Salman for 5 years
Is she still in touch with Salman Khan? In response to this question, Somi said- For the last 5 years I have not had a conversation with Salman. I think moving on has been good for my health. I too have moved ahead and Salman has also moved forward. I don’t know how many girlfriends he must have had by the time I left him in 1999.

Being Human is doing a great job
She said, “I wish him all the best. I know his NGO is doing a wonderful job and I am proud of the Being Human Foundation. Psychologically it would be healthier for me not to keep in touch with him. It’s good to know that They are in a nice place and they are happy. That’s all I want for them. In an earlier interview, Somi Ali had said that Salman was not honest in the relationship. He had said that he had broken up with Salman 20 years ago. He cheated in the relationship and I broke up with him. It is normal. Somi Ali has worked with actors like Saif Ali Khan, Mithun and Suniel Shetty in her short career.

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