Espionage likely to increase in future: Edward Snowden estimates – 50 thousand people are being spied on, if not stopped, there will be 50 million victims; Spyware trade must be banned


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  • Estimates Of Former CIA Computer Expert Edward Snowden 50 Thousand People Are Being Spied On, If Not Stopped, There Will Be 50 Million Victims; Need To Stop Spyware Trade

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Snowden said that most mobile phones are the same. So mass surveillance became easier through Pegasus.

The case of spying on journalists, politicians, judges, lawyers, businessmen and social workers through spyware ‘Pegasus’ of Israeli company NSO is in discussion. Edward Snowden, a former computer expert of the US Central Intelligence Agency CIA, has given his opinion on this.

Snowden exposed the US National Security Agency’s intelligence mass surveillance program in 2013. In an interview given to ‘The Guardian’, he said that one should not be under the illusion that 50 thousand are being spied on by this technique. In future, 5 crore people may also be spied on. It is necessary to stop these and their expansion immediately. Snowden said that in the future this speed of espionage will be faster than expected. Today no mobile phone is safe from government sponsored hackers.

In Snowden’s opinion, governments should put a global crackdown on the international spyware trade. Just like creating a market for nuclear weapons is not allowed, they should not be allowed either. Snowden said commercial malware made spying possible for governments. This is revealed by the study of ‘Pegasus Project’. Under this project, more and more people were aggressively monitored. In this, the police did not have to record anyone’s phone in the traditional way nor did the enforcement agencies have to raid anyone’s house.

Snowden believes that the cost and risk involved in surveillance through commercial spyware was low. Spying was possible from a distance. Therefore, it is extremely important to stop the sale of such spy technology. If not stopped, there will be a danger of using it all the time. It can also be used for trivial matters.

Mobiles and software alike made spying easy
Snowden was asked how people can protect themselves from hackers. To this he said that most of the mobile phones are same. So mass surveillance became easier through Pegasus. Actually, iPhones around the world have similar software. So when hackers find a way to hack an iPhone, it is also easy for them to find a way to hack another iPhone. This is the result of a kind of ‘transition industry’.

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