Eating More Mango Can Be Harmful For Health


Mangoes are liked by people of all ages because they are very juicy and tasty to eat. A large number of people in India are crazy about mangoes. There are many varieties of it available in the market as well. But do you know that just as mango benefits health, in the same way there are many disadvantages of eating more mangoes. Today we are going to tell you about those disadvantages.

Many types of chemicals are often used to cook them during the mango season. Which cause great harm to our body. Many of these chemicals do not get removed from the mango even after washing it. Therefore, mangoes should be eaten very carefully and within limits. Read the disadvantages here.

1. Weight gain – Consuming too much of mango can increase your weight, so we should consume it in limited quantity.

2. Pimples Problem – The taste of mango is hot. Due to excessive consumption of which pimples and acne can also come out in our body. Therefore, those who have such problems in their skin, they should reduce the consumption of mangoes.


3. Increasing Sugar – People who have sugar disease should not consume mango at all, because the amount of natural sugar is very high.

4. Impaired digestion – Mango contains a lot of fiber. Its excessive consumption can cause stomach upset or diarrhea. It is often seen that many people eat mangoes at night, but by doing so your digestive power gets spoiled. Therefore, it is beneficial to eat mangoes in the morning after breakfast, in the afternoon only after lunch.

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