Don’t worry if you forget the phone at home, you will be able to access calls, messages and data from the car itself, if you go out of the lane, the car will also alert | Access calls, messages and data from the car itself; Car will also alert if you go out of lane


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  • Don’t Worry If You Forget The Phone At Home, You Will Be Able To Access Calls, Messages And Data From The Car Itself, If You Go Out Of The Lane, The Car Will Also Alert

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The Chicago Auto Show has been organized in America for the first time since the pandemic. The car manufacturer has introduced cars with advanced technology and features in it. In addition to making driving comfortable, a lot of attention has also been paid to safety in new cars.

Alarm will sound when out of lane
The car alerts you if your car goes out of its lane. If a pedestrian suddenly comes to the fore, the automated braking system will stop the vehicle immediately. If a vehicle comes on the left turn and is not visible, then its warning will also be given. High technology like road sign detection is also given in the cars.

Know which companies’ cars and features were in discussion at McCormick Palace on the last day of the show

  • Modern features like blind spot monitoring, pedestrian detection and intelligent low beam will help prevent accidents.
  • The 30-tone ambient lighting will make the interior look stunning

Volkswagen Golf GTI/R Specifications
The company has introduced two cars GTI and R in the Golf series. Both have Driver Assistance Tech Suite. These have semi-automated driving and parking options. There are safety features like collision or collision warning, automated emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and lane keeping assist. The R model comes with 30-colour ambient lighting. When the car comes from the front, the beam will be low, the doors will open automatically


Lexus NX 2022 Specifications
This is a plug in hybrid model. Doors are having electronic mechanism. When touched, they open slowly. The intelligent low beam feature dims the light when the vehicle approaches from the front so that the driver’s eyes are not directly reflected. There is a light on some part of the car, so that we can also get an idea of ​​the car in front. Pedestrian detection and braking feature is also provided. Built-in SIM works as a smart device with 5G technology

BMW IX Specifications
The flagship of the company is the electric crossover. Radar, sensors and cameras have been given in the grill itself. There is a futuristic cabin and in this the company has given hexagonal steering for the first time. It has built in SIM 5G technology. This turns the car into a smart device. That is, if you forget the phone at home, you can access messages, calls and data through the car.

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