Does Zika Virus Spread By Contact, Is Cause Of Concern Right Now? Know Health Expert Opinion


Zika virus infection does not spread through aerosol or contact, nor is it a cause of major concern at this time. This is to say that Dr Mathew Varghese, former director and public health specialist of St. Stephen’s Hospital in Delhi. However, he cautioned that epidemiologists and state health should be concerned about the virus re-emerging. Significantly, 14 cases of infection have been reported in Kerala.

‘Zika virus is not spread by contact or aerosol’

He said, “Zika virus does not spread through aerocele or contact. It is transmitted through mosquito bite. This is a separate epidemiology. I am not worried about that at the moment. The epidemiologist and the health department of Kerala should be concerned. Zika must have come from somewhere, and found a way to control mosquitoes and viruses. We should not create panic among people.”

The state health department said on Friday that 14 cases of Zika virus have been reported in Kerala. Giving information about its prevention, he said that an action plan has been prepared. A high alert has been issued in all the districts, especially for the pregnant woman who was confirmed to be infected with the mosquito-borne virus.


Emphasis on adopting favorable behavior of health experts

Talking about the rapid mutation of viruses in the country, he said, “It is normal for these viruses to mutate. Viruses keep changing. This is a normal process, not abnormal. The environment is ready for different types of variants.” And have to be careful.” Dr Varghese said that the extent of length and caution are important.

On the crowd gathered in the last few days in the midst of the epidemic at hill stations and tourist places, Varghese says that people should be allowed to go to the open space at tourist places but they should strictly follow the friendly behavior of Kovid-19. This includes wearing masks, adopting social distancing and other safe methods.”

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