Dilip Kumar passed away: The doctors tried to make Dilip Saheb complete 100 years of age, but the infection in the lungs had become too much.


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  • Dilip Sahab’s close friend Faizal Farooqui had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar

Faizal Farooqui, a close friend of Bollywood veteran Dilip Kumar, had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar and shared some special things from his last time. Faizal told that if we talk about this time in terms of being admitted to the hospital, then 5-7 days before his death, his health was getting worse. Although the doctors said that this time also he will go home after being discharged. The doctor had full hope that Dilip sahib would definitely score a century of his age. Their lungs used to collect phlegm, this is called a type of pneumonia. Because of that, his lungs became very weak. This time also he was admitted to the hospital from the same region but this time he could not recover. His blood pressure dropped drastically in the hospital and because of this he passed away.

Dilip Kumar used to speak print to tweet word

Faizal Farooqui says, “I have had a lot of trouble. I used to tweet for Dilip Sahab. Initially, Sahab himself used to say that send a message by writing this, he did not use tweet words. He used to print He used to say, print it. The messages that were very emotionally touching on him, he used to say that if you reply, then I used to sit with him and answer, he was a very perfectionist man.

Saira Banu used to not allow even a small spot on Dilip Sahab’s clothes

Faizal Farooqui further said, “Initially, when he was told about Twitter by lineup, Dilip Sahab used to sit on the terrace often. He too was happy that he was able to talk to people. When her health started getting a bit unwell, Saira ji used to post messages. If Saira ji said that if she wanted to take some photographs, then she used to say, why to take photographs? Then she was explained that people want to see you. Changes come with age, but Saira ji was his lover in his last moments, his caretaker, nurse and doctor and offcourse wife too. Saira ji used to take care of him with absolute perfection if Dilip sahab’s clothes But when there were any spots, Saira ji used to stay with them like a perfectionist. If she had to change clothes 10 times a day, she used to do that too.


Saira used to struggle for hours to control the temperature

Faizal Farooqui says, “If Dilip sahib had even a napkin around his neck, Saira ji would put a signature mark on it with the name DK. Saira ji never let anyone feel that lack. Hum and you are like your mother. For my father, I might not be able to do as much as Saira ji did for Dilip sahib. I used to tease him often that Saira ji, you should write a whole book on this. Saira ji used to say that I am not doing this to write a book, it is my duty. If Sahab used to feel cold, Saira ji used to work hard for half an hour to control his temperature.

In the last 20 years, Dilip Kumar started talking less about films.

Faizal Farooqui further says, “Dileep sahab did not talk about films in the last moments. Especially he used to not talk to me at all. Yes, whenever he had his heart and we were walking in joggers park or by car. He used to interact on many scenes when he was going somewhere. In the last four-five years, his reading and writing had reduced a bit, but he always wanted to eat good food. He was very fond of eating good food. He used to enjoy all life. Till 5 years ago he was a bit fine. Yes, he had become a bit slow since 10 years ago. He had lost interest in films from the year 2000. In such a situation, the makers took offers to him. Even if he used to come, he would almost say no. He was also a member of Rajya Sabha at that time, so anyway he did not take any interest on films.

Spent a lot of time with kids

Recalling the old times, Faizal Farooqui said, “As he did not have a child, he never mentioned anything like this to anyone. Even if he had feelings in his heart, it was very difficult to read. But I know that, he was a child. Dilip sahib used to be very happy if someone came to his house with children. He used to spend a lot of time with them. One day he himself told me, ‘I have loved your children for a long time. Have not seen them. Call them.’ When my kids came to him, he had a lot of fun with him. Then I told him that sir, you should have a photo with the kids. When he grows up, he will also say that he had spent time with Dilip Kumar sometime. To which he said , ‘Oh what these children know, what Dilip Kumar’.”

Dilip Kumar could not watch Shahrukh Khan’s Devdas

Talking about the relationship between Dilip Kumar and Shahrukh Khan, Faizal Farooqui said, “When Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Devdas’ came, at that time I told him that even Shah Rukh is saying that he has learned a lot from Dilip Sahab. He wants to hold a private screening for himself. On that Dilip sahab said that good kid, good must have done it. By the way, in my eyes, Shahrukh’s personal meeting with Dilip sahab was very rare in my eyes. Often in someone’s wedding function of his. Or they used to meet at film events. They definitely did social visits 4 years ago. Shahrukh had come to see Dilip sahab when he was ill. The photo of that time became quite viral.”

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