Dedication of actress: Nusrat Bharucha ends shooting in Pipariya village amidst strict covid protocol, snakes also came out in sugarcane field, but actress was not scared


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Bollywood actress Nushrat Bharucha is going to resume shooting for the film ‘Ram Setu’ with Akshay Kumar very soon. Recently, he completed the shooting of Vishal Furia’s film ‘Chhori’ in Madhya Pradesh. The shooting of the film has been done in Pipariya area, 150 km from Bhopal. Sources related to the film told during the conversation that Nusrat stayed in Pipariya and shot the film to maintain the biobubble chain, as well as she did not get scared even when snakes came out in the sugarcane fields.

Nusrat completed the shooting of the film by staying in Pipariya itself.

Sources said, “Nushrat Bharucha was staying in a hotel in Pipariya to ensure that the biobubble chain doesn’t break on the sets. The makers actually found a location in Pipariya, which is similar to the areas of North India where fetuses are often found. There have been murders. When there are girls, they have been drowned in a nearby pond.”

70 percent shooting of the film is done in Pipariya

Hemant, the film’s production designer, said, “Piparia as the location catered to more requirements of the makers. There was also a huge patch of sugarcane field. In the center of that patch, the sugarcane plants were removed and the house set was made. 70 percent of the entire film is shot on the same set. That set and the dense forest of sugarcane around is the main character in the film. There is a house in the center, from which there are paved paths and lanes all around. The sugarcane is so dense that the new ones For humans, it is like a maze. All that adds to the horror effect in the film. The entire farm is spread over 2500 square feet.”

Powder was used to drive away snakes on the sets.

Hemant further explains, “It took 25 days to build that house and the lanes around it. Sometimes snakes used to come out of the fields too. We took the help of the local caretaker of the farm so that they do not bite anyone. Asked. They gave 10 packets of powder. Her smell was too much. Snakes used to stay away from her. Everyone was irritated by her smell, but Nusrat and other actors kept shooting in that environment too.”


The film has also been shot in Sehore

Hemant says, “Apart from Pipariya, Nusrat also shot the film in four to five locations of Bhopal. From there, the makers found a well in Sehore area, 39 km away, in which girls are drowned and killed. And then production. The local people planted patches of sugarcane plants around the well. Then in post production the locations of Sehore and Pipariya were merged. The charpai, okhal, musal, etc. found in the houses of North India were arranged from the nearby villages of Pipariya. Went.”

Crew members used to shoot in sugarcane fields wearing PPE kits

Hemant further adds, “The film was first shot in the atmosphere of the lockdown being just over. So the crew members used to shoot in Pipariya wearing PPE kits in the sugarcane fields. Alam was that the crew members were in Biobubble at 2 o’clock in the night. Even if any crew member came to Pipariya from Bhopal, his RTPCR test was done. He was allowed to come near the set only after the report came. Even Nusrat did not hesitate to do all this. Divided into three circles. The inner circle housed 15 crew members. The middle circle housed 40 to 50 people. The people living in the outermost circle were not allowed to enter the middle and inner circle. In this way, the makers executed the shoot without anyone getting infected with Kovid.

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