Corona in the world:: More than four and a half lakh new cases in the past day; Out of these, 112 patients of Delta variant were found in India, Australia.


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Once again new cases of corona in the world are coming in lakhs every day. On Sunday, 3 lakh 73 thousand 711 people were reported corona positive in the world. The maximum number of 7,676 cases were found in India. Yesterday 3 lakh 55 thousand people defeated it while 6 thousand 508 people died due to this. Indonesia recorded the highest number of 1007 deaths. There were 749 deaths in Russia at number two and 720 in India at number three. However, if we talk about recovery, till now the maximum number of 30 million people have been recovered in India.

At the same time, due to the Delta variant in Sydney, Australia, the highest increase in corona cases was seen in a day. This is also when the third week of lockdown is about to start in Sydney. 112 new cases have been reported here. This is the fifth consecutive day of record cases being reported. So far, more than 31 thousand cases of corona have been registered in Australia and due to this 911 deaths have occurred.


Highest number of new cases in India
On Sunday, 7,676 new cases were registered in India. It was the highest in the world. After this, 36,197 cases were reported in Indonesia. Britain reported 31,772 cases, Russia 25,033 cases, Brazil 20,937 cases, Colombia 19,423 cases. Only 6,642 people became corona positive in America.

About 40 thousand people have been cured in India
In the case of most recoveries in a single day, Brazil was at the forefront with 57,943 recoveries. After this, 39,722 people were cured in India. In America, 9,173 people were cured of corona. A total of 3,55,037 people defeated Corona yesterday. India is at the forefront in terms of total people who have been cured so far. 3 crore people have been cured here. America is at number two with 29 million cured people.

Top-10 countries, where so far most people have been infected

country infected deaths got well
America 34,732,753 622,845 29,244,103
India 30,073,907 408,792 30,007,200
Brazil 19,089,940 533,546 17,588,312​
France 5,812,639 111,325 5,646,477
Russia 5,783,333 143,002 5,200,219
Turkey 5,481,555 50,299 5,349,344
UK 5,121,245 128,425 4,358,554​
Argentina 4,647,948 98,781 4,262,904
Colombia 4,511,960 112,826 4,254,558
Italy 4,271,276 127,775 4,102,420

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