Corona in the world: Fifth wave begins in Spain, 2.68 lakh corona patients found in two weeks; In Britain, more than 50 thousand new cases were found in a day, Bulgaria banned the tourists here


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madrid3 minutes ago

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The fifth wave of Corona has arrived in Spain. 2.68 lakh new corona patients have been found here in the last two weeks. According to the population here, the active cases of corona have once again exceeded 500 for every one lakh people. Due to this, curfew is being imposed in many cities including Catalona.

Corona cases are also increasing rapidly in Britain. In the last 24 hours, the number of new cases here has crossed 50 thousand. After January 15, for two consecutive days, close to 50 thousand cases are coming here. Sensing the danger, Barcelona has banned tourists coming from Britain.

5.62 lakh new cases found in the world
In the last day, 5,62,570 cases of corona were reported in the world. With this, the total number of corona cases has gone up to 19.02 crore. While 8,653 people died in 24 hours, 3,47,645 people defeated it. There are now 1.27 crore active cases in the world. Of this, 79,190 are critical cases.

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