Corona in the world: 8756 people died in seven days in Brazil, in Britain more than 48 thousand cases in a day after six months; 5.63 lakh new cases found in the world


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The highest number of 48,553 new cases of corona were reported in Britain after six months on Thursday. Earlier, so many cases were reported on January 15. 63 new deaths were also reported in the country. These are the highest since March 26. It is worth noting that from July 19, the lockdown in Britain is going to be lifted. Before that, there is a big increase in cases here.

Brazil had the highest number of 1,552 new deaths in 24 hours. In a week, the death toll here has risen to 8,716. One day most people also recovered here. Here 58,556 people defeated this disease. Brazil ranked second among the countries with the highest number of new cases. 52,789 new cases were reported here.

5.63 new patients found in the world on Thursday
Last day, 5,63,174 patients were found in the world. After this, the total number of infected people in the world has increased to 1897 million. 8,607 new deaths were recorded from the disease. In 24 hours, 3,53,430 people were cured of this disease. Even now 1.24 crore people of the world are still in the grip of this disease.

Third wave announcement
Two days ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the start of third wave in the world. The organization’s chief Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus warned the countries on Wednesday that they have entered the initial phase of the third wave of Corona. He reiterated that vaccine alone will not stop the pandemic. Countries have to be constantly careful to deal with this.


About 30 thousand cases are being found daily in Britain
The UK Department of Public Health has released figures as of 12 July. According to this, 168 deaths have been recorded in seven days. Whereas in November 2020, 2,400 deaths were recorded in a week. Vaccination was not introduced in Britain then. At present, the biggest concern of the government is the increasing number of new patients. About 30 thousand new cases are being reported here daily. In Britain, more than 2 lakh new corona patients have been found in seven days.

Australia’s Melbourne imposed a five-day lockdown
After Sydney, now Melbourne will also have a lockdown. This decision was taken after 18 new cases were reported here in two consecutive days. There have been 4 lockdowns in Melbourne since the start of the pandemic. 85 new cases have been registered in Australia in the last 24 hours.

UN delivered 1.5 million doses of vaccine to Indonesia
On Thursday, 982 deaths were recorded in Indonesia. Here in seven days, 6,432 people have lost their lives due to corona. In view of this, the United Nations is helping to deliver the vaccine here. On Thursday, 1.5 million doses of Moderna Vaccine arrived here. Earlier on Sunday, 30 lakh doses had reached here.

country infected deaths got well
America 34,887,155 624,214 29,341,913
India 31,025,875 412,563 30,176,306
Brazil 19,262,518 539,050 17,917,189
Russia 5,882,295 146,069 5,278,976
France 5,833,341 111,429 5,654,902
Turkey 5,507,455 50,415
Britain 5,281,098 128,593 4,380,030
Argentina 4,719,952 100,695 4,345,549
Colombia 4,583,442 114,833 4,335,929
Italy 4,278,319 127,84 4,109,579

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