Corona in the world: 54,674 cases in the UK on the last day, the highest in the last 6 months The health secretary was also infected, had taken both doses of the vaccine.


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The third wave of corona in Britain is increasing. Here on Saturday, the corona report of 54,674 people came positive. During this 41 people also died. The number of new infected is the highest in the last 6 months. Earlier on January 15, 55,553 cases were reported during the second wave.

Here, UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid has also become corona infected. He gave this information through social media. He said, ‘This morning my corona report has come positive. I am waiting for my PCR result, but thankfully I have got the vaccine and my symptoms are mild.

Britain has the highest number of cases in the world
In the last 24 hours, the UK has the highest number of cases in the world. After this, the corona report of Indonesia 51,952, India 41,283, Brazil 34,339, Russia 25,116 and America 24,081 came positive.

Cases in UK near peak of second wave
Britain faced the second wave of Corona in December-January itself. During this, the maximum number of 67,803 cases were reported on January 8. This was the peak of the second wave. Now on Saturday, about 13 thousand fewer cases have been reported than the peak of the second wave. If we look at the figures of the last few days, the third wave government seems to be increasing in Britain.


Those coming from France to Britain will be quarantined

  • The beta variant of Corona in France has raised concerns. Here 5,000 new cases of this variant are being found every day. This variant was first found in South Africa. According to experts, the AstraZeneca vaccine is less likely to be effective on this variant.
  • After this, Britain has decided that it will keep people coming from France in quarantine for 10 days, even if they have got full vaccination. Britain has set this restriction only for people returning from France. Other countries will be exempted from this.

More than a thousand deaths in Indonesia for the second consecutive day
The death toll in Indonesia is raising concern. For the second consecutive day, there were more than a thousand deaths due to corona. On Saturday, 1,092 people died due to infection here. Earlier on Friday, a record 1205 people died.

4.84 lakh cases in the world on the last day
Corona report of 4 lakh 84 thousand 357 people came positive in the world on Saturday. During this, 3 lakh 35 thousand 230 people were cured and 7,191 people also died.

19.07 crore people infected so far
So far more than 19.07 crore people in the world have been infected with the corona virus. Of these, 40.98 lakh people have died, while more than 17.38 crore people have defeated Corona. Presently 1.28 crore people are being treated. Of these, 1.28 crore people have mild symptoms of corona and the condition of 80,630 people remains critical.

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