Corona in the world: 5.51 lakh cases came on the last day, 8514 died; After two and a half months in America, the number of new infected crosses 50 thousand


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Corona cases are increasing continuously in the world. On Thursday, the corona report of 5 lakh 51 thousand 215 people came here positive. During this, 3 lakh 94 thousand 938 people defeated Corona and 8514 people also lost their lives due to infection.

At the same time, cases of corona in America have gained momentum. Corona was confirmed in 56,525 people here on the last day. This is the largest number of infected found in a single day in the last 82 days. Earlier on May 1, 50,659 infected were identified here.

52% in the US, and 41% in the UK
In the last 7 days, 41% corona patients have increased in Britain and 52% in America. Similarly, there was an increase of 129% in France and 24% in Indonesia. Similarly, in Italy 19,390 (116%) and in Germany 9,541 (66%) corona patients increased in 7 days. In Israel, this figure of growth stood at 6,909 (90%).

Scientists warn again

  • Scientists in Britain have once again warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the unlock. The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SEZ) has said that between July 8-14, the number of patients admitted to hospitals has increased by 38.4%.
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  • In this situation, the lockdown will have to be imposed again in August. Masks and other corona restrictions will also have to be made mandatory. Scientists said, ‘If this pace continues, then in August one lakh patients can come every day. PM Johnson be ready.

Claim- About 50 lakh deaths due to corona in India
In the last 17 months, there have been about 50 lakh deaths due to corona in India. This estimate has been expressed in the study of an American institution. The organization has collected data from January 2020 to June 2021. According to him, the situation created by Corona is the biggest human tragedy after India’s independence and partition. In this study, the delta variant of the corona has been described as a major threat to the world, which can bring a new wave of infection.

19.27 crore people infected so far
So far more than 19.27 crore people in the world have been infected with the corona virus. Of these, 41.41 lakh people have died, while more than 17.53 crore people have defeated Corona. At present 1.33 crore people are being treated. Of these, 1.32 crore people have mild symptoms of corona and the condition of 81,182 people remains critical.

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