Corona in the world: 3.91 lakh new cases came in the last day, 3.96 lakh were cured and 6,443 deaths; Most infected were found in Indonesia and Britain


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Corona cases have started increasing once again in the world. Corona report of 3 lakh 91 thousand 897 people came positive in the world on Monday. During this, 3 lakh 96 thousand 303 people defeated the epidemic and 6,443 people died during the infection.

Meanwhile, the situation of Corona in Indonesia and Britain is getting worse. On the previous day, Indonesia had the highest number of 40,427 cases in the world and 34,471 cases in Britain. The situation in Britain is more worrisome because preparations are being made to remove all restrictions here from July 19.

Indonesia has the highest number of cases in a day
The highest number of cases have been reported in Indonesia on Monday. The first corona case was reported here in March last year. Since then, for the first time on the last day, the number of new infected has crossed 40 thousand. Earlier on July 8, 38,391 cases were reported.

25.67 lakh infected so far
So far, corona has been confirmed in 25 lakh 67 thousand 630 people in Indonesia. In this, 21 lakh 19 thousand 478 people have been cured and 67,355 people have died. At present, 3 lakh 80 thousand 797 people are being treated.

corona updates

  • The government of Thailand has made a major change in its vaccination policy. The Health Ministry there has decided that people who have been given the first dose of China’s Sinovac vaccine will be given Oxford’s AstraZeneca vaccine as the second dose.
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  • New cases are increasing continuously in Britain due to the delta variant of Corona. In this regard, the Prime Minister’s Office has sought advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination to reduce the gap of vaccines. In this, it has been said to reduce the gap of vaccines from 8 to four weeks.

British Health Minister’s warning – 13 million patients will be waiting till summer
Here, British Health Minister Sajid Javid is concerned about the situation arising after that before the unlock. He has warned that at present 53 lakh patients are waiting in the hospitals of the country, by the summer there may be 13 million. He said that there are also a large number of people who are suffering from some other disease but are not going to the hospitals for treatment due to the corona pandemic. In most places in the country, the process of getting new cases has reached equal to last winter. However, the deaths are low.

18.80 crore cases so far
So far more than 1880 million people have been infected with the corona virus in the world. Of these, 40.55 lakh people have died, while more than 17.19 crore people have defeated Corona. Presently 1.20 crore people are being treated. Of these, 1.19 crore people have mild symptoms of corona and the condition of 78,547 people remains critical.

Top-10 countries, where so far most people have been infected

country infected deaths got well
America 34,766,404 623,029 29,274,349
India 30,907,282 409,338 30,063,720
Brazil 19,106,971 534,311 17,666,654
France 5,813,899 111,353 5,648,649
Russia 5,808,473 143,712 5,216,648
Turkey 5,486,959 50,278 5,354,850
UK 5,155,243 128,431 4,362,858
Argentina 4,662,937 99,255 4,300,823
Colombia 4,530,610 113,335 4,276,465
Italy 4,272,163 127,788 4,103,949

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