China doubts the effect of its own vaccine: Dragon will now give Germany’s booster dose to people who have taken both doses; Decision after jump in infection


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  • Dragon Will Now Give A Booster Dose Of Germany To People Who Have Taken Both Doses; Decision After Jump In Infection

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China claims – it has vaccinated 140 crore people.


China is preparing to give booster doses to people who have taken both doses of the vaccine. A booster dose of the mRNA vaccine developed by China’s Fosun Pharma and Germany’s BioNTech will be given to those who have received the Chinese vaccine. According to the report, Chinese officials are considering using a vaccine named Comirnati as a booster dose.

This vaccine is being commonly used in America and Europe. But Fosun has exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the vaccine in China. While BioNTech’s vaccine is currently awaiting approval from the Chinese government, this vaccine is up to 95% effective against the virus. It is known that China is claiming that it has vaccinated 140 crore people.

Decision after spurt in infection in countries applying Chinese vaccine
China has taken the decision to give a booster dose at a time when cases of corona are increasing in countries like Mongolia, Seychelles and Bahrain. Chinese vaccine has been installed in these countries. Chinese vaccines are 50% to 80% effective against the virus, which are less effective than Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

First death in the world from Monkey Bee virus in China; Was infected after surgery on two monkeys
A veterinarian died of monkey b virus in China amid the pandemic. This is the first case of death in the world due to this virus. According to the report, the 53-year-old doctor was a resident of Beijing. His close ones are safer than Monkey Bee. The doctor worked for an organization researching non-human primates. In March, he underwent surgery by dissecting two dead monkeys. After a month, initial symptoms like vomiting were seen in him.

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