Chanakya Niti Motivation Hindi Quotes Strong Friendship Keep In Mind Limits Otherwise There Is Trouble


Chanakya Niti Hindi: According to Chanakya Niti, care should be taken while making friendship. Because friendship or friendship is a relationship that is the strongest and most sacred. It is said about friendship that this relationship has to be saved in the same way as a farmer protects his crop. The farmer fights every season to save his crop.

Tries to protect his crop from winter, heat and rain. Then somewhere the crop is ready, so is friendship. Every effort should be made to strengthen the friendship. If this does not happen then the friendship weakens.

According to Chanakya, a true friend is the one who stands like a shadow in happiness and sorrow. One needs to be very careful in the matter of friendship. Because not every person who shakes hands is a friend. It is said that friendship is not strong until the heart meets with the hand. So this should be taken care of. Once friendship is formed, then these things should be taken care of.


Don’t adopt bad habits Chanakya Niti says that a true friend is one who keeps himself and others away from bad habits. Those who inspire wrong habits can never be a true friend. A true friend is the one who stops you from doing wrong things.

Keep in mind the limits Chanakya Niti says that no matter how close a true friend is, he never crosses the limit. Those who do not take care of the dignity of the relationship, they have to be ashamed. It should always be kept in mind that every relationship has a limit, it should never be crossed.

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