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Chanakya Niti in Hindi: According to Chanakya, a person makes some mistakes in life, due to which he sometimes has to face obstacles in achieving the goals. According to Chanakya, one should be very serious and cautious in achieving the goal. Because the slightest mistake or carelessness can spoil the hard work.

Chanakya is counted among the best scholars of India. Whatever Chanakya knew and understood from his knowledge and experience, he wrote it in his book Chanakya Niti. Chanakya’s Chanakya policy is relevant even today. Chanakya’s words still inspire people to move forward. According to Chanakya, if you want to achieve success in life, then some tasks should not be done, what are these tasks, let us know-

Insult- Chanakya Niti says that if you want to achieve success in life, then one should never insult anyone. Insulting creates a feeling of enmity. There are ups and downs in life. Today is a good time, tomorrow can be bad too. When we do not take care of this and insult the person in front, then sometimes this situation also becomes the cause of serious consequences.


Danger- According to Chanakya, one should never cheat anyone for his selfishness. The person who cheats never gets success. Even if such people get success, its duration is not long. At the same time, wrong actions also have consequences. So no one should be deceived.

Condemnation- According to Chanakya, condemning is one of the worst habits. Condemnation is also called condemnation, because one who adopts this habit after one, does not easily get rid of this habit. He starts liking to criticize, he does not even know how bad he is getting into the habit, both doing evil and listening should be avoided. This hinders progress. The grace of Lakshmi ji always remains on the one who stays away from these evils.

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