Celeb Confession: From the age of 16, Pooja Bhatt was addicted to alcohol, now said – ‘I liked talking openly about this addiction four years ago’


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Actor-director Pooja Bhatt, in an interview, recalled the time when she spoke openly about her alcohol addiction. Pooja said in the interview, ‘We try to hide many things but when I decided to quit alcohol four years ago, I even thought of talking openly about it. I started my film career with the film ‘Daddy’ which was about a girl who wants to save her father from alcohol addiction. Four years ago I was also facing the same problem. I tried to tell by talking to people that all this can happen to anyone. Women need to talk more openly on all these things. The response I got from people at that time included some people whom I did not know but I was also happy to know their reaction.

Pooja started drinking from the age of 16

According to sources, Pooja Bhatt started drinking alcohol at the age of 16. Gradually, she got so addicted to alcohol that she became addicted to it. However, by the age of 45, she started realizing that she should give up alcohol or else she would not live long. It seemed to him that he was now on the verge of death.

Didn’t even touch the wine bottle

Pooja Bhatt vowed to give up alcohol on December 24, 2016 (a day before Christmas) and it has been almost five years since then and she hasn’t even touched a bottle of wine.

Papa’s realization of mistake due to this

Due to the strong support of Pooja’s father Mahesh Bhatt and her cabaret director Kaustuv, Pooja got a lot of help in giving up her bad addiction like alcohol. One thing from Mahesh Bhatt made Pooja realize her mistake. Mahesh had said- If you love me then love yourself too, because I live myself inside you. That’s what motivated Pooja to lead a healthy life.

Pooja has lost a friend due to alcohol

According to reports, Pooja Bhatt knows what alcohol has done to her father. How the marriage of his parents (Mahesh and Kiran Bhatt) broke down due to alcohol. Pooja also lost her 40-year-old friend due to alcohol and in the grief of his death, she started drinking more.

However, now Pooja has completely recovered from her addiction to alcohol and she has no problem that someone around her is drinking. He still has a fully stocked bar in his house, but it’s now only for friends and guests.

Pooja in 'Bombay Begum'.

Pooja in ‘Bombay Begum’.

Pooja did a comeback

The 49-year-old has returned to the silver screen after a long time. She appeared in the webseries ‘Bombay Begum’ earlier this year. Recently his superhit film Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi completed 30 years. Pooja has worked in films like ‘Sadak’, ‘Janam’, ‘Gunahgaar’, ‘Hum Both’, ‘Bodyguard’, ‘Chahat’, ‘Tamanna’, ‘Border’, ‘Zakhm’ in her film career. He also made his directorial debut with John Abraham and Udita Goswami starrer ‘Paap’.

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