Captain will meet only if Sidhu apologizes: Sidhu will be the President of Punjab Congress, but will be made 2 working presidents with the will of the Captain; Free hand even in cabinet expansion


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  • Sidhu Will Be The Head Of Punjab, In Cabinet Reshuffle, Captain Will Name 2 Executive Heads, Sidhu Will Have To Apologize Publicly

New Delhi4 minutes agoAuthor: Hemant Attri

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In Punjab, a draft of reconciliation between Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and Navjot Singh Sidhu has been prepared. The Congress high command has prepared a 4-point formula for this. Under this, Sidhu will be the new President of Punjab Congress. Along with Sidhu, two working presidents will be made, whose names will be decided by Amarinder. The captain will also get a free hand in the cabinet reshuffle. No leader, including Sidhu, will interfere in making anyone a minister or removing him from the cabinet. Congress can make a formal announcement to make Sidhu the state president in a day or two.

Captain put condition, Sidhu apologized publicly
The biggest screw in this case is stuck in the meeting of Sidhu and Captain. The Captain has placed a condition before Congress Punjab in-charge Harish Rawat that he will meet Sidhu only when he publicly apologizes for his earlier statements. Sidhu had made serious allegations against Captain Sarkar ranging from sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib to sand mafia and power crisis.


The captain is very angry after these allegations. The Captain has clearly told Rawat, who arrived as the representative of the high command, that the way Sidhu made public allegations, he will also have to apologize openly. Only then will he meet Sidhu. In talks with Rawat, it was agreed that Captain 2 can make the working president and reshuffle the cabinet, on which Sidhu will have no objection.

Captain angry with high command
Captain Amarinder Singh is also angry with the party high command. He believes that the high command did not handle the discord in Punjab Congress properly. Because of this, his image along with the party has also suffered. Therefore, now Captain Sidhu has stuck to the condition of apology.

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