Brain Fog: After Covid Recovery Patients Face Neurological Problems, Know Symptoms, Causes And Treatment


Brain Fog: This is not a medical or scientific definition, but it is used to describe when people’s thinking is not dull, blurry and sharp. In recent times, this new disaster has been seen in corona patients. The problems of patients who have recovered from the infection are not being named. The problem of post covid or long covid is visible in the patients.

brain fog in covid-19 patients

Actually, the corona virus can damage the brain in many ways. There can be some terrible things like encephalitis, stroke and lack of oxygen to the brain. But other effects can be more complex, such as persistent impairments in attention. Patients are also having neurological problems after recovering from corona. In many cases, even the brain of the patients is not able to work properly. Brain related problems have been considered as brain fog.

Apart from the direct effect on the brain, COVID-19 can have long-lasting effects on other organs. Its symptoms include fatigue, body aches, inability to exerc ise, headache, trouble sleeping. Some of these symptoms may be due to damage to the lungs, heart, kidneys or other organs. Damage to these organs can impair thinking and memory and cause brain fog.


Researchers are still investigating the possible cause of brain fog in Kovid-19 patients. Both physical and psychological factors are believed to play a role. Doctors believe that initially there is swelling in the lungs and throat when suffering from corona and within a few days of getting infected, the patient’s blood starts thickening. This is due to the tendency of the virus, which the patients are not aware of.

adopting healthy habits

It is still not clear how long it usually lasts after Kovid-19. In some people, respiratory symptoms can last for weeks or months after they are gone. By far, the best treatment for brain fog due to COVID-19 is to adopt healthy habits. Some tips can help in increasing your mental work if you are struggling with the problem of brain fog. However, if your psychotic symptoms are severe and are interfering with daily life or do not improve after a few weeks, consult a doctor first.

Get enough sleep- Good sleep can help your body repair and recover.
Do regular exercise- Physical activity is not only good for your lungs and heart, but it is also a good way to increase brain function.
Eat healthy food Try to eat a balanced, healthy diet to nourish your body as it needs to return to good health.
Stay away from alcohol and tobacco Staying away from tobacco products and alcohol can help reduce the inflammation in your brain.

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Heart Problem: If you want to keep the heart healthy, then do not consume these things at all.


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