BJP’s attack on news portal: Sambit Patra said – News clicks are trying to malign the image of the country and Modi, thousands of crores of funding is being received from America


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  • BJP Attacks Newsclick Media. Sambit Patra Portal Receives Crores Of Rupees. Abroad In A Suspicious Manner. Motive To Portray India’s System As A Failed. Spread Foreign Propaganda

New Delhi14 hours ago

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Sambit alleged that a company has given thousands of crores of rupees in the name of maintenance of Newsclick.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra on Sunday targeted news portal NewsClick. He accused the portal of defaming the country by taking foreign funding. Patra said that whenever something good happens in the country, efforts are made to spoil that event. We are engaged in vaccinating 130 crore people, but efforts are being made to defame our government. For this money is being sent from abroad.

Tried to defame the Central Vista Project
Sambit further said that an attempt was made to defame the Central Vista project, questions were raised on it, while the court had also asked to go ahead with it, calling it a good project. Talking about the farmers’ movement, our government considers farmers as God, but an attempt was made to create a rift between us. Ever since Modi became Prime Minister, he has been knocking in the minds of foreign powers. Foreign powers are trying to humiliate and defame him.


Illegal funding of 30 thousand crores
Patra said NewsClick is not a simple portal. It is operated by a company called PPK. Foreign entities are funding this portal. It is being funded through FDI. The name of the company that has funded it is Worldwide Media Holding Company. This company is from America. The company gave 30 thousand crore rupees to Newsclick.

Fraudulent in share value
Sambit alleged that in the name of maintaining Newsclick, a company has given thousands of crores of rupees, but you will be surprised to know that the company from which the money has been received is also of news click people. Patra said that three foreigners have funded it. Money was put into it through hawala. The original value of the company’s share is Rs 10, but by fraud, the value of its share was reduced to Rs 11 thousand crores.

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