Birthday Special: Nikita Rawal said – I have 60 HIV Have adopted positive children, will celebrate my birthday with them


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Actress and singer Nikita Rawal, who has played small and big roles in films like ‘The Hero – Abhimanyu’, ‘Garam Masala’ etc. is celebrating her 31st birthday today i.e. on 17th July. During a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Nikita told that she had HIV. Positive 60 children have been adopted. On the day of her birthday, along with spending time with him, she will also enjoy the dishes made by her mother.

Q.What is your plan to celebrate birthday this time?
A.The program of birthday celebration will start from two-three days in advance. This time I went to Mumbai’s Cancer Hospital and got HIV. I will spend time with positive children. On the demand of different people, I will take cakes, sweets, misal pav, painting items, spinning machines etc. for them. I spend my birthday with the people around me and the kids. The temple is not open, so I will get the puja done at home. I have adopted 60 children who are HIV positive. are positive. I will do cake cutting with them. After that I will come home and celebrate with the family.

Q.Has anyone ever surprised you like this?
A.My family gives me more than one surprise every year. I think this time it will be less, but every time I get more. My family sometimes decorates the whole building, sometimes brings many people in clothes of one color, sometimes gives some lovely gift. The sweetest gift my mom gives me. She cooks a lot of dishes of my choice every year. After decorating a big silver plate and offering it to God, she serves the same plate to me. It is always a special gift on my birthday. I remember she has been doing this since I was 12-13 years old. If you’ve been doing it before that, I can’t remember.

Q.What resolution are you going to take this time on your birthday?
A.This year my resolution will be health minister. I will take special care of the health of myself and the people around me. More and more people will go to Naturopathy. In this, we will eat natural things, exercise and take care of the immune system. I will focus on all these things.


Q.Which are your upcoming movies?
A.I have a film ‘Roti Kapda Aur Romance’ coming up with my Arshad Warsi. Apart from this some web series will come. A series will come till November this year. I play a police officer in this. I had to spend four-six days with some police friends to get to know more about this character. I learned from him how to solve cases and his body language. I have a few projects in Bollywood as well, which are currently in the pipeline. I am doing two South films, but about all this, I cannot tell anything right now. When the producers of my film
Announcement, then it will be a surprise for my fans. Apart from this, I have my own Nikita Rawal production house, under which some videos and web series are being made.

Q.Would you call age just a numbering or is there something more to it?
A.It’s just numbering, but every year I am learning something new and moving towards success. The one above is giving me a chance to celebrate my birthday for one more year.

Q.Apart from this, would you like to say anything else?
A.I am also a social worker. I am also interested in politics and I am the spokesperson of Gujarat State. I am serving the people by staying in it. I do not have any ideology associated with any party. I believe in the ideology of development for all. Everyone seems to have come into this world to progress. Everyone will progress together, only then it will be possible. I am following this ideology.

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