Biggest hope: Deaths from Delta are 8 times less than the old variant, Genome sequencing of 2.71 lakh samples was done in UK in just 3 months


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  • Deaths From Delta Variant. 8 Times Less Than Alpha Variant. Uk Done Genome Sequencing. 2.71 Lakh Samples

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  • The biggest hope was raised by the results of the largest study on the delta variant in the UK
  • Delta is less lethal than all variants in the UK so far except Gamma

The delta variant of Corona, which has brought a new wave of infection worldwide, is 8 times less lethal than the old variant alpha. It only spreads rapidly, while the mortality rate among patients infected with it is only 0.25%. The mortality rate in patients infected with the alpha variant has been 1.90%. That is, Delta has 248 deaths per million patients, while Alpha has 1,902 deaths per million patients. This has come to the fore in the latest study by the UK’s Public Health Department.

Genome sequencing of samples from 2.71 lakh corona patients was done in Britain, based on data collected for three months before 15 July. Epidemiologists around the world are considering it the most comprehensive and important study to date, as more than 95% of daily patients in the US and European countries are now with the delta variant.

There is hope that the number of people infected with Delta may be high, but the average of those who lost their lives in them could be very low. Surprisingly, there has not been a single death from the gamma variant in the UK so far.


So far only 42,869 samples have been sequenced in India, of which 47.5% ‘Variants of Concern’ have been found.

Genome sequencing to detect new variants is slow in India. Only 42,869 samples were sequenced in the country in 15 months. Whereas, 2.71 lakh samples have been sequenced in the UK in just three months. There, 10% of the samples are being sequenced against the total patients, whereas in India this ratio is only 0.14%.

Third wave close in country; Tourism and religious places should be kept closed – IMA

The Indian Medical Association said that in view of the history of the epidemic, the third wave of corona is sure to come. The third wave seems to be approaching in India. Tourism is essential in the country, but it can wait. The government should keep religious places and tourist places closed for now.

Relief because… 88% of corona patients in India are getting the delta variant only. Delta accounts for more than 95% of cases in Europe and the US; This UK study suggests that Delta only spreads rapidly, with a mortality rate of just 0.25%, while Alpha has a mortality rate of 1.90%.

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