Bhaskar Infographic: Brazil Leads In Rejuvenation Trend; 10 million plastic surgeries every year in the world, 3.5% of these Indians


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  • Brazil Ahead In The Trend Of Rejuvenation; 10 Million Plastic Surgeries Every Year In The World, 3.5% Of These Indians

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Most of the surgeries are being done by Brazilians.

The trend of plastic surgery is increasing in the world. According to The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 11.3 million people undergo surgery every year. Before Corona i.e. in 2019, 7.1% more surgeries were done as compared to 2018. At the same time, non-surgery therapy stood at 1.36 crores. Most of the surgeries are being done by Brazilians. Indians are doing 3.5% of the world’s surgeries. She is on 5th.


surgery market of 4.18 lakh crore

The plastic surgery market in the world is growing at the rate of 7%. Its growth in 2020 was minus 1.9% due to Corona restrictions. After three years i.e. in 2024, this business will return to the growth rate of 7%.

  • 4 lakh crore Rs. What is the global cosmetic surgery market right now?
  • 5 lakh crore Rs. This will increase in the next three years.

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