Bhaskar Explainer: Why only the world’s super powers come on top in the Olympics? After America-Soviet Union, now America-China competition


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The Olympic Games is the largest sports event in the world. The International Olympic Committee has 206 National Olympic Committee members. This is more than the number of countries included in the United Nations (193). Obviously, many countries give a lot of priority to participating in the Olympics and performing well in it. However, in this, usually only those countries are able to perform best, which are effective at physical as well as economic, strategic and intellectual level.

Only those countries are able to come to the top places in the medal table, which have the status of being a super power. In this explainer, we will try to know what is the relation of performance in the Olympics to being a superpower? We will also know what superpowers of the world do to achieve success in the Olympics.

First know how the world’s super power performed in the Modern Olympics
The Modern Olympic Games have been held since 1896. Since then the world has seen countries like America, Soviet Union, Britain, China, France, Germany, Italy and Japan on the era of superpower. If you look at the top-10 of the all-time medal tally of the Olympics, then these countries dominate. After the Second World War, the two biggest super powers, the US and the Soviet Union, are in the top-2 position. Britain and France, which were representatives of super power and colonialism before these two, are also in the top-5. Germany and Italy, who were allies in World War II, are also in the top-10.

Now know why super powers want to do well in Olympics

1. Telling yourself to be ahead and better than others
The motto of the Olympics is made up of three Italian words. These are Citius-Altius-Fortius… They mean faster, higher and stronger, i.e. faster, higher and stronger. If a country becomes or wants to become a super power, then it tries to fulfill all these three criteria. The Olympics provide them the biggest platform for this. With this, without fighting a war and without shedding blood, one can call himself powerful.


2. Propaganda Tool
Through the Olympics, powerful countries try to dominate the world. His message is that we are good in Olympics because our system, our economy, our technology are better. The US and the Soviet Union did this work effectively. Now China is also making success in this direction.

3. Winning the Trust of Your People
There may not be a war in the Olympics, but there are athletes from all over the world in the competition. In this, the confidence of the people of the medal winning countries increases and their confidence in their country, their government, their system increases.

what super power countries do to win olympics

big expense

  • Countries like America, China, Russia, UK spend a lot to perform well in the Olympics. It is not necessary that this expenditure should be from the government only. America does not give any funding to its Olympic Association, but for every Olympics, about 20 thousand crore rupees are spent on American athletes through private means.
  • In the UK, $ 1.5 billion (about Rs 11 thousand crore) is spent every year for sports infrastructure and training.
  • Expenditure figures from China and Russia are not available. It is believed that China is spending 18-20 thousand crores on every 4-year cycle on preparing players for the Olympics.

excellent infrastructure
Almost every major city in countries like the US and China has excellent sports infrastructure. These include stadiums, equipment, high performance centers, biomechanics centers, etc. of international quality.

Training & Coaching
The Olympics started as an amateur sports event, but the big countries approached it professionally. Players are groomed by understanding the science of every sport. Sports universities and sports research centers have been set up for this. Strictness is also taken for the training of players in China and they are prepared for the Olympics from an early age.

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