Bharti’s tragedy: Bharti Singh revealed in Maniesh Paul’s show, said- we have faced extreme poverty, have eaten salt and bread


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Maniesh Paul has released the first episode of his podcast show. His guest on the show is Bharti Singh. Where Bharti remembered her bygone days. Bharti told the emotional story of friendship between her and Manish on ‘The Maniesh Paul Podcast’ and also shared many unheard stories. Meanwhile, Bharti also spoke about the days of extreme poverty in which she grew up. At that time they did not have food to eat. Her family is still not accustomed to the lifestyle that they can afford now.

Such is the story of Bharti
Bharti said- My mother used to cook food in others’ homes and Mata used to sew the queen’s dupatta, due to which the sound of sewing machine used to come continuously at home. I have lived in that noise for 21 years. I never want to go back there. I don’t have big dreams but I pray to God to keep what I have. We have eaten salt roti but now we have dal, sabzi and roti. I hope my family will always have at least lentils to eat. I never want to face that situation and neither will my family have to go through it.


Lived in college so as not to see poverty
Bharti told that her brother used to sell goods at a shop. While his sister and mother used to sew blankets in a factory. Bharti said, “I didn’t feel like going home. I used to think that I would stay in college with my friends and eat in hostels. I knew once I went back I would face poverty again. Stay in that dim light.

Bharti was a national level rifle shooter
Maniesh Paul told in the show that Bharti Singh was a national level rifle shooter and archer. So he said, “Now when someone says that, I laugh too. Have you seen a fat girl picking up a rifle and setting a target? Athletes are skinny and trim in tracksuits. Yes, but it’s true.” I used to be a rifle shooter. Even participated in national level competition 12 years back. I have represented Punjab in Pune. I came in college under sports quota.”

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